Increase Referrals by Knowing How Satisfied Your Patients Are with the Net Promoter Score

Increase Referrals by Knowing How Satisfied Your Patients Are

Referrals are essential to the maintenance and growth of your upper cervical practice.

What if one question could help you understand and quantify how likely your patients are to refer others?

Well, it can.

By asking your patients how likely they are to refer you to a friend or family member you can establish your Net Promoter Score (NPS) and bring statistical evaluation to your practice growth.

Our 5 Star Doc Reputation Management System allows you to know your net promoter score on an ongoing basis. While at the same time generating Google, yelp, Facebook, health grades, rate MDs and other online reviews and website testimonials.

Patients respond on a 0 to 10 point scale for how likely they are to recommend your practice to someone and their responses help form your Net Promoter Score.  To calculate your company’s NPS, we take the percentage of patients who are Promoters (rate you 9 or 10) and subtract the percentage who are Detractors (rate you 6 or below).

Responses are categorized into 3 types:

  • Promoters rate you a 9 or 10 and are happy, loyal patients that will keep doing business with you and refer you to others.  They provide and fuel growth for your business.
  • Passives rate you a 7 or 8 and are satisfied patients but less likely to refer you and more likely to be swayed to another business if reached with the right offer or message.
  • Detractors rate you at a 6 or lower and are unsatisfied patients that can damage your brand and business with negative word-of-mouth and even negative online reviews.

By utilizing 5 Star Doc and understanding your Net Promoter Score your business can work on the following:

  • Establishing a tangible understanding of patient satisfaction
  • Champion your “promoters” and encourage them to share their experience via online review sites and win you more business
  • Identify what contributed to a “passive” experience and work to improve or enhance your patient experience to create more “promoters”.
  • Capture “detractors” and provide you the opportunity to listen and act on changing their opinion, especially before they share a negative opinion or negative online review.

More than Just A Score

While capturing and understanding your NPS is the right first step, it’s important your business grows to drive improvements and changes that can help it succeed.  Net Promoter programs are a more complex and beneficial patient satisfaction program.  More and more companies of all sizes, from Fortune 500 to small businesses are leveraging Net Promoter Scores as part of their company culture and customer service.

Get started by using 5 Star Doc to understand your company’s Net Promoter Score

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