Online Reputation Management for Your Upper Cervical Practice

What Is Your Practice’s Reputation Online?

online reputation managementHave you ever been searching for a particular business and read their online reviews. If that business has bad reviews, how does that make you feel about trusting them with your money?

Online reviews have become very important for local businesses.

“79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.”

Almost 4 out of 5 consumers who search for you online will trust your visible online reviews. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an upper cervical chiropractor being search by a potential patient or an auto service garage who was found by someone who needs a new bumper. People who search for your business online and find your reviews are most likely to trust what was said about you online, whether your reviews were left by their best friend or a complete stranger.

So when it comes to your practice, there are three scenarios that are possible:

  1. You have bad reviews
  2. You have no reviews
  3. You have good reviews

Bad Reviews

Bad reviews are the most difficult to overcome when it comes to an Internet marketing strategy. I have been unable to work with certain clients because of help for their online reputation is. Without cleaning up your online reputation it may be nearly impossible to get a steady stream of new patients to your practice via the Internet.

So if you Google your practice and you see that you have a one star rating on Google, yelp or Citysearch, what can you do about it?

Well, unfortunately bad reviews don’t go away. The best thing you can do is to accumulate an abundance of good reviews in order to increase your overall rating on those review sites. If you have 3 reviews online and 2 of them are bad, you’re in trouble. But if you have 25 reviews online and 2 of them are bad that’s not that big of a deal. People understand that you can’t please everyone and just because you have a couple of bad reviews, doesn’t mean you’re going to lose business.

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No Reviews

If your practice currently has no online reviews, this is better than having bad reviews but definitely not ideal. If you’re unclear about the importance of online reviews and where, when and how to get them, then read this overview of online reviews.

Good Reviews

“73% of consumers say positive reviews make them trust a business more.”

This rep management stat is all about your brand. Branding is all our businesses really have online. If people trust you to provide solid services or products, they’re much more likely to convert into patients. When people don’t trust you, even if it’s because of a few unjust reviews, they won’t invest their time or money in your business. When your industry is driven by online reviews (most of the major ones are these days), your online testimonials will tell people whether you’re trustworthy or not. With online reputation management comes the ability to take control over this.

People will trust the brands with the best reviews, and this will only become more of a reality. Be proactive about promoting yourself and your business online, and make sure you don’t have to be reactive when you receive negative reviews.

If you already have a bunch of good reviews, that is awesome! But, don’t think it is good enough. It should always be an emphasis for your practice team to be accumulating online reviews and video testimonials.

If you need help optimizing, promoting and distributing your video testimonials click here.

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