How to Optimize Your Upper Cervical Website for Conversion and Search

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Upper Cervical Websites

Upper Cervical Websites Last time on the blog we began discussing what our 10 chiropractic Internet marketing experts shared were the 5 most effective online chiropractic marketing strategies in 2016.

The first one we discussed was the importance of generating online reviews. Here are all 5 of the strategies again:

  1. Generating Online Reviews
  2. Having an Optimized Website
  3. Facebook Advertising
  4. Video Testimonials
  5. Doctor Generated Videos

Today we are going to focus on the 2nd strategy for generating new patients in 2016 for your Upper Cervical Practice.

Optimizing Your Website for Conversion

Upper cervical website conversion optimization The 2nd most common response from our experts was the importance of having an optimized website not only for search but also for conversion.

You can have the most beautiful website in the world but if it doesn’t convert visitors to leads and leads to new patients it’s worthless.

One of the most important aspects of having an optimized website is what we call the above the fold essentials. The fold is the portion of the website that you first see before you scroll down. Approximately 80% of people will not scroll down on your website so is crucial that you are giving the most important information to your prospective new patients at the top of the website.

Having a phone number prominently displayed, a clear call to action on what to do next and an image that communicates who you are and what you do are crucial in this above the fold section.

We have found that staying away from stock images in this section is good. Utilizing images of the doctors working with patients has tested most effectively.

How to Optimize Your Upper Cervical Website for Conversion and Search
How to Optimize Your Upper Cervical Website for Conversion and Search
How to Optimize Your Upper Cervical Website for Conversion and Search

Logo and color scheme are also important factors when it comes to conversion on your website. And even the name of your practice can impact whether or not someone takes the next step to call or fill out a form to schedule a consultation.

Optimizing Your Website for Search Engine Optimization

Upper cervical website search engine optimization

Once you have optimized your website for conversion the 2nd aspect of having an optimized website is optimizing it for search engines. We have covered the basics of search engine optimization for your actual website on other blog posts and if you haven’t read about the basics start there. But once you have covered the basics of on page search engine optimization the next step is making sure that you are creating as many back links as possible to your website and are listed correctly on as many directories as possible. James Farren has written an excellent blog post about this subject that I highly recommend. In the post he breaks down steps to take to ensure that your name, address and phone number are the same on the major directories and adding that same information to other key directories as well. We would also recommend adding your upper cervical practice to these upper cervical specific directories as well.

If you are really not interested in doing the work necessary to optimize your website for conversion and search then we would highly recommend purchasing an upper cervical specific website from us. Our websites are completely optimized and mobile ready. You can learn more about our websites here

Once you have optimized your website for conversion and search engines you will see much more return on your investment when it comes to your website. But as always if you do not have a comprehensive online marketing program in place that utilizes key ingredients to produce results then you will get limited results with your online marketing efforts regardless of how great your website is.

We recommend starting our 7 part online marketing course to teach you the basic ingredients necessary to be successful with online marketing for your practice below.

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