Personal and Business Development Resources to Help You Grow in 2017

Personal and Business Development Resources

At Upper Cervical Marketing we believe that leaders are readers and that is why our team is constantly reading books, listening to podcasts and attending conferences so that we can live out our core values and achieve our vision and mission.

In that same way if as an industry we are going to take upper cervical to the world ALL upper cervical doctors and students need to focus on being leaders as well. Recently we conducted a survey of our community and asked some questions related to books, podcasts and conferences that will help you grow.

Check out our upper cervical marketing community’s favorites with links and feel free to add your own recommendations in the comments below.

Q1: What are the 3 best business or personal development books you have read?

The E- Myth, Revisited, Michael Gerber

How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie

E-Myth Chiropractor, Michael Gerber

Book Yourself Solid, Michael Port

Good to Great, by Jim Collins

Q2: What are the 3 best podcasts you listen to that help you grow?

Upper Cervical Marketing Podcast (thanks for the love everyone :-))

EntreLeadership Podcast

Black Diamond Podcast – by Shawn Dill


Q3: What are the 3 best workshops/conferences you’ve attended that have helped you?

Upper Cervical Experience

Various Technique Conferences (NUCCA, Blair, Advanced Orthogonal etc.)

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