Should an Upper Cervical Doctor Focus on Being Ranked #1 On Google

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Could the Chiropractic SEO Guru’s Be Wrong?

SEO Strategy

Certainly, every chiropractic search engine optimization guru out there will tell you that it’s important to rank number one on Google for search terms in your locale. For example, if you’re an upper cervical chiropractor in Reno, Nevada, they will teach that it’s absolutely crucial to rank number one on Google for “chiropractor Reno”.

Is this important?

Yes, to a certain extent.

But first, let’s look at the type of person who is searching for “chiropractor in Reno, Nevada”.

Search Profiling

A noted chiropractic Internet marketing coach once said, “I imagine a person with one hand on their back and one hand on the mouse.” If this is the type of patient that you are primarily focused on seeing in your upper cervical practice, then without a doubt, you want to rank #1 for your town chiropractor and more. Here’s a good list:

  1. Chiropractor (Your town)
  2. Chiropractors in (Your town)
  3. Chiropractors (Your town)
  4. (Your town) Chiropractor
  5. (Your town) (State Abbrev) Chiropractic
  6. (Your town) (State Abbrev.) Chiropractor
  7. (Your town) (State Abbrev.) Chiropractors
  8. (Your town) Chiropractic
  9. (Your town) Chiropractors
  10. (Your zip-code) Chiropractic
  11. (Your zip-code) Chiropractor
  12. Chiropractic (Your zip-code)
  13. Chiropractic Office (Your zip-code)
  14. Chiropractor (Your zip-code)

If you are interested in filling your practice with patients who are only focused on relief, and already have a predefined notion of what type of care they need (i.e. “I just need someone to crack my back”), then, by all means, use the general chiropractic approach above.

You Are Different, and Your Internet Marketing Strategy Should Reflect That

As an upper cervical specific doctor, you are unique. Similarly, the upper cervical approach is different than all medical approaches, nutritional approaches, general chiropractic approaches, etc.

If we are always focused on marketing our upper cervical practices the same way general chiropractors do, then we will constantly be re-educating our new patients. In short, an upper cervical doctor’s SEO strategy should focus on attracting the ideal upper cervical patient.

Should an Upper Cervical Doctor Focus on Being Ranked #1 On Google
Should an Upper Cervical Doctor Focus on Being Ranked #1 On Google
Should an Upper Cervical Doctor Focus on Being Ranked #1 On Google

Why not try to have all of our new patients come into our office with the expectation of the referred patient?

With a referred patient, you as the Doctor already have a certain amount of trust and credibility in their eyes. They heard good things about you from a friend or family member and they are ready to see if you can help them too.

This level of trust and credibility is our goal at

If the prospective new patient believes that upper cervical is the solution to their problem, then their level of trust and credibility will greatly increase.

Building Trust and Credibility

The best ways that you can build trust and credibility on the Internet is through the writing of blogs, articles, positive reviews (both on review sites and in testimonial videos) and doctor videos.

Blogs, articles and videos give you the opportunity to present yourself as an expert in a particular condition. For example, if someone with chronic migraine headaches is looking for help, it is unlikely that they are going to search for a chiropractor in Reno, Nevada. It is more likely that they’re going to search for natural relief for migraines in Reno, Nevada.

Why is that?

When we have a problem we inherently are looking for a solution. A longer phrase placed in Google is more likely to be someone who is looking for a long-term solution, rather than a short-term fix.

Someone who is searching for natural relief for migraines in Reno, Nevada has already made some decisions. They decided they want to move away from drugs (natural). They are looking for a solution to the migraines (relief for migraines). And they want to find someone in their local area (Reno, Nevada).

Now is your opportunity!

Dominate the first page of Google for that search term to build trust. If they see your 5 articles and 3 videos on the first page, they are already beginning to decide you are the expert in this problem in your area. Also, having several short migraine testimonial videos that are emotionally engaging would help you build credibility in their eyes.

If a prospective patient searches for a problem that you have had great success within your office in your area, what do they find?

Hopefully, for their sake, you will present them with the upper cervical solution.

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