Skill Stacking? Excellence in Your Upper Cervical Technique + Other Skills = Success

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Excellence in Your Upper Cervical Technique

As an upper cervical chiropractor, one of the most unique and defining aspects of you and your practice is your specific upper cervical technique. Since there are only approximately 3000 upper cervical specialists in the world and only hundreds of each of the different techniques, your technique matters even more than other chiropractors.

I encourage you to continue to pursue mastery in your chosen upper cervical technique. Never believe the lie that you have arrived when it comes to your technique but know that it is in the continual pursuit of excellence that you will find the best for you and your patients.

But it’s also extremely important that you understand that being great at your chosen technique is not enough to be successful in practice.

There are many incredible adjusters who are selling real estate, doing construction, or back in school learning something else because they could not make it in practice.

Skill Stacking

When it comes to your upper cervical practice it’s important to think about the skills that are necessary to be successful and focus on stacking those skills on top of each other to reach higher levels of success in practice and in life.

In an upper cervical practice here are some of the skills that you may need to focus on skill stacking to be successful depending on your goals:

  • upper cervical adjusting skills
  • communication skills
  • teambuilding skills
  • leadership skills
  • financial management skills
  • practice management skills
  • patient management skills
  • marketing skills
  • team training skills
  • sales skills
  • execution skills
  • team management skills
  • hiring and firing skills
  • managing overhead skills
  • developing relationship skills
  • decision-making skills
  • patient experience skills
  • project management and planning skills
  • delegation skills
  • time management skills
  • problem-solving skills
  • listening skills
  • presentation skills
  • strategic and vision casting skills
  • lead generation skills
  • lead conversion skills
  • resell/upsell skills
  • referral generation skills
  • retention skills
  • training and developing associate skills
  • and more

When you understand that your practice is an opportunity for you to develop skills every day to make a greater impact on your community then you will be excited to learn not only about your upper cervical technique but all of these other areas as well.

Take a look at this list and think about what skills you currently possess in some capacity and which skills are you completely lacking. Then begin to develop a plan of skill stacking to reach higher levels of success.

You are the leader of your upper cervical practice. Leaders are learners. Continue to learn about these skills through books, conferences, blogs, podcasts, and conversations with friends and colleagues.

When you have the opportunity to learn from others who have a better understanding of a particular skill than you do, take advantage of it.

If you need help with skill stacking to achieve higher levels of success within your practice then book a call with us to discuss our Upper Cervical Practice Mastery Program.

Skill stacking

Upper Cervical Technique Certification

Now when it comes to your upper cervical technique all of the different technique associations have certification programs. I highly recommend that you pursue the highest level of certification in your technique and eventually get to the point where you are teaching your upper cervical technique to others.

The teacher always learns the most.

If you haven’t been to a technique conference in a while, make plans to go. If you got distracted from the pursuit of certification in your chosen technique get back on track.

Your patients deserve the best. Seek to maximize your potential in your chosen upper cervical technique through certification.

But remember that your upper cervical technique is a very important skill but it’s just one of many skills you need to be successful as an upper cervical chiropractor. Skill stacking is the key to higher levels of success in practice.

It’s time to take upper cervical to the world!

About the Author: Dr. Bill Davis
Dr. Bill Davis is the Founder and CEO of His goal is to spread the word about the best-kept secret in health through Upper Cervical Specific Business and Marketing Solutions.
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