The Best Internal Marketing Event I Ever Did!

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Internal Marketing

To be successful in practice it is extremely important that you know how to create referrals from your existing patients. There are number of ways that you can do this, including:

I have discussed some of these other strategies in other blog posts, but today we are going to focus on the best internal marketing event I ever did, which was an upper cervical community awareness event.

Upper Cervical Community Awareness Events

What time Tuesday adAn upper cervical community awareness event is an internal marketing event that will encourage your patients to bring their friends and family to an exciting event with a great speaker.

Before my injury I had a strong referral practice. About 70% of all my new patients came from referral via internal marketing. I utilized every one of the suggestions I give you above. But the UC community awareness event that we had, was by far the most effective. The month before the event and the month of the event my upper cervical practice saw more new patients and had more collections than any other month that I was in practice.

The Best Internal Marketing Event I Ever Did!
The Best Internal Marketing Event I Ever Did!
The Best Internal Marketing Event I Ever Did!

Things We Did

  1. We researched what would be the most effective approach
  2. We chose James and Rhonda Tomasi and their What Time Tuesday book and event
  3. We got started about 12 weeks before the event
  4. We purchased cases of the books
  5. We found a location in our local area (local church). You could also use a community center, banquet hall, or any other place that you can get around 100 people.
  6. We created a flyer and large sign for our lobby promoting the event
  7. Our entire team got very excited about the event
  8. We started promoting it about 8 weeks before the event
  9. We posted the flyers all over the office
  10. We put the books all over the office
  11. And then we made sure that every single patient had a flyer and the book
  12. The month before the event we distributed hundreds of books, and our referrals doubled!
  13. We also set an office record for collections that month!
  14. The month of the event we continued to distribute books and flyers and continued to have a ton of referrals
  15. Finally, the event was here. James and Rhonda Tomasi were awesome! The patient’s and their friends and family had a great time at the event.
  16. The next 3 days, we saw 23 new patients from the event. 22 of the new patients started care in our office!
  17. We once again set an office record for new patients and collections!

A Good Read

What time Tuesday book

If you have never purchased a case of books from the Tomasi’s I highly recommend it. But the full of event is even more powerful.

If you are not familiar with James Tomasi’s story, he was suffering with trigeminal neuralgia for years and had lost all hope of recovery, and decided to escape from the pain through suicide. But on the morning of the day that he was planning on committing suicide he saw an upper cervical chiropractor who changed the course of his life forever. It is an amazing story in both the book and in person.

I have had several other friends who have done similar events in their practice and they have all had tremendous results as well.

So if you are looking to increase your referrals and do an event that will dramatically increase your new patients and collections, I recommend an upper cervical community awareness event with James and Rhonda Tomasi.

You can find out more information at

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