The Potential New Patient’s Journey into Your Upper Cervical Practice

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As I’ve been going through the Hubspot training to become a certified Hubspot partner, I continue to learn valuable information that is useful for upper cervical chiropractors who are interested in chiropractic Internet marketing. Today I’m going to discuss what is known as the buyer’s journey or what I am calling the prospective new patient’s journey and the importance of having different call to actions (CTAs), associated landing pages and resources for each phase that a prospective new patient goes through when considering care in your office.

According to hubspot a buyer will go through three phases: awareness, consideration and decision. I believe this is also the 3 phases that a prospective new patient goes through before they enter your office.

Awareness Phase

This is the beginning of a new patient’s journey. It starts just right when a person first realizes that they have a symptom of a problem. For instance, let’s take the example of tinnitus. When someone first starts developing ringing in their ear that has never had it before, it can be irritating and eventually alarming. The ear ringing starts to affect their daily life.

This is when the research begins. The majority of research today happens on the Internet. This is where it would be important to have relevant blog articles that discuss common questions someone might have if they have tinnitus.

Once someone responds to a social media post or blog post that discusses their symptom in some way, the next step is to give them something that is relevant to them in the phase that they are in. For instance, a free report or e-book, that discusses common causes of tinnitus and natural solutions, for example.

The Potential New Patient’s Journey into Your Upper Cervical Practice
The Potential New Patient’s Journey into Your Upper Cervical Practice
The Potential New Patient’s Journey into Your Upper Cervical Practice

The Importance of a Call to Action and Landing Page

The problem is with most upper cervical websites is the only call to action is a free consultation. Many of the people that are on your website are not ready for that call to action yet. According to Gleanster research, 50% of leads are qualified, but are not ready to buy. So, in turn, they just bounce off your website and never come back. It is important that you have ways to continue the conversation with these people.

So if you had a specific call to action button that said, download our free report on Common Causes of Tinnitus and Natural Solutions that then led to a landing page promoting the free report, then you would stay connected with so many more of the people who visited your website.

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Consideration Phase

The next phase in the new patient’s journey is known as the consideration phase. This is when a prospective new patient has clearly defined and given a name to their problem. For instance, taking the example of tinnitus, this is likely when someone would know that ringing in the ear is also called tinnitus. Or this may be when they first hear about Ménière’s disease or cochlear hydrops, or other conditions.

At this point, the prospective new patient is committed to researching all of the available approaches and solutions to their problem. This is when video can be very powerful medium. For instance, having a video series that discusses the connection between upper neck injuries and tinnitus and other symptoms would be a good offer for someone in the consideration stage.

This would be a good call to action to include in a follow-up email for someone who opted in to a free report. The call to action button would lead to a video landing page that promotes the video series.

Decision Phase

When someone reaches this phase, they are ready to make a decision to solve their problem. This is when it is important to have online reviews and video testimonials on your website and other places in order to ensure the prospective new patient that they are making the right decision by coming into your office. Social proof can be a powerful part of the decision phase.

This is when a free consultation or first visit is an effective call to action. Within a video series, this type of call to action can convert someone from the consideration phase into a decision-maker.

A CTA button that leads to a landing page with pertinent information for their first visit would be great.

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