Chiropractic Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital Marketing

Chiropractic digital marketing strategies are consistently evolving so it is important if you are attempting to do online marketing yourself or have a company that you are working with that you understand what is working most effectively now.

Today we are going to look at the top 3 chiropractic marketing strategies of 2018 for attracting high quality new patients including:

  • Facebook chiropractic ads (including video ads, messenger ads etc.)
  • Search Engine Optimization (condition specific, upper cervical specific and local)
  • Online Directory Listings (specific to industry)

Facebook Ads


Despite recent changes to Facebook, targeted condition specific Facebook ads continue to be a major generator of new patients for upper cervical practices.

Video ads utilizing a video testimonial, office slideshow, Doctor video and other types of video ads continue to be extremely effective.

Image-based ads can also work well depending on the image and the offer.

New Facebook ad types such as messenger ads also show promise as it allows the individual to not have to leave Facebook to respond to a call to action.

Also retargeting ads which allow the advertiser to have multiple touch points with the same individual on Facebook to drive them towards a consultation work well depending on the market.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization continues to be an important strategy for upper cervical practices to attract high quality new patients. There are variety of strategies when it comes to SEO for Chiropractors but it really comes down to these three types of effective SEO:

  • Upper Cervical Specific
  • Condition Specific
  • Local SEO

Each of these types of search engine optimization have value but if you’re looking to attract new patients that are pre-educated and highly qualified (sometimes even better than a referral) that it’s best to focus on the first two types of search engine optimization. Local search engine optimization is great if you’re looking to attract new patients who just want a chiropractor. This is the kind of person that would search for “Los Angeles chiropractor” for instance. This is definitely not someone who is looking for upper cervical and they are likely not someone who has a chronic health condition that is more motivated to get the help they need. In my experience people that are searching for that type of the keyword are looking for someone to pop their back once and never see them again.