The Upper Cervical Experience Event in New Orleans Coming Soon!

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The Upper Cervical Experience in New Orleans February 26-28th

If you haven't heard yet...where have you been?

Only 41 days until the event!

brain stemStarting in 2007 with the first Upper Cervical Evolution, there has been a movement to unify upper cervical technique associations and doctors in order to bring more awareness of upper cervical to the world.

A unified upper cervical movement can get more done. While still maintaining our individual techniques and approaches for correcting the upper cervical subluxation.

Over the past 8 years other unified upper cervical events have taken place such as Upper Cervical Fusion, Upper Cervical Practice Innovations and also the ICA's Council on Upper Cervical Care has enrolled the 1st class of Upper Cervical Diplomate's. All of these Efforts Have brought together upper cervical doctors from different techniques, associations and groups for discussion and collaboration.

This event will be a culmination of all of these efforts into one MEGA conference!!!

The Upper Cervical Experience Event in New Orleans

I have had the opportunity to interview all 5 of the organizers over the past several months. Including Dr. Michael Lenarz, Dr. Jeff Scholten, Dr. Robert Brooks, Dr. Ray Drury, and Dr. Julie Mayer Hunt, and with each interview I get more and more excited about this event!

It’s going to be Thursday through Saturday afternoon, February 26th, 27th, and 28th at theDowntown Marriott in New Orleans.

This event is to be much more than just a bunch of speakers. But the idea is to have an interactive experience where the attendees and the speakers have an opportunity to interact with one another and all learn from one another in a collaborative format.

But here are the speakers that will be there:

And here is what is going to be covered in the event:

The Upper Cervical Experience Event in New Orleans Coming Soon!
The Upper Cervical Experience Event in New Orleans Coming Soon!
The Upper Cervical Experience Event in New Orleans Coming Soon!

The Why, What and How of Upper Cervical Practice

Inspiration / Passion / Fulfillment

Chiropractic Philosophy

Chiropractic Perspectives

Where we have been

Where we are

Where we are going

Our role in health care

Leading Edge Imaging & Research

Cone Beam CT MRI (Phase Contrast)

Presentations by the Diplomate Candidates

Validating Upper Cervical Practices


Upper Cervical Neurology

Measuring the Autonomic Nervous System

Mastering measuring leg length inequality

The Business of Practice

Attracting New Patients

Online Marketing

Websites & Blogs

Social Media

Professional Referrals

Patient Dinners

Successful Patient Orientations

Patients as Raving Fanatics

The Associate Mini Bootcamp

When to hire an Associate

The Associate Relationship

Multiple doctor practices

Multiple practices / offices

Practice to Perfection

Office Systems

Roles of the Chiropractic Assistant

Highly efficient Teams

Patient Driven Office procedures

Caring for children / Pediatrics

Building the Patient Relationship

Communicate to Create Lifetime patients

Balancing practice & family

Caring for ourselves as we care for our patients

Why would you miss this event?

To register go to

If you haven't already, download our chiropractic marketing plan calendar below and then add The Upper Cervical Experience to your February plans.

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