The Upper Cervical Experience Event in New Orleans

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The Upper Cervical Experience February 26-28th

Upper Cervical Experience speakerIf you haven't heard yet, mark your calendars for what should be the biggest upper cervical event ever!

Starting in 2007 with the first Upper Cervical Evolution, there has been a movement to unify upper cervical technique associations and doctors in order to bring more awareness of upper cervical to the world.

We can do more together than we can do separately has been one of our rallying calls.

Over the past 7 years other unified upper cervical events have taken place such as Upper Cervical Fusion, Upper Cervical Practice Innovations and also the ICA's Council on Upper Cervical Care has enrolled the 1st class of Upper Cervical Diplomate's. All of these Efforts Have brought together upper cervical doctors from different techniques, associations and groups for discussion and collaboration.

The Upper Cervical Experience Event in New Orleans
The Upper Cervical Experience Event in New Orleans
The Upper Cervical Experience Event in New Orleans

The Upper Cervical Experience Event in New Orleans

The Upper Cervical Experience Event in New Orleans will be a bringing together upper cervical evolution, fusion and innovation in one mega conference!

According to Dr Michael Lenarz one of the organizers of the event from our interview last month the organizers include:

Dr. Michael Lenarz, Dr. Jeff Scholten, Dr. Robert Brooks, Dr. Ray Drury, and Dr. Julie Mayer Hunt along with some of the younger doctors who are in the diplomate program.

It’s going to be Thursday through Saturday afternoon, February 26th, 27th, and 28th at theDowntown Marriott in New Orleans.

We will give you more information regarding the speakers and more information about the event as it is released. But for now just make sure you set aside the time for you and your staff to attend this incredible event!

If you haven't already, download our chiropractic marketing plan calendar below and then add The Upper Cervical Experience to your February plans.

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