3 Thought Patterns That Crush Practice Growth

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Thought Patterns That Crush Practice Growth

In my book, Upper Cervical Practice Mastery: Learn Success Secrets of the World’s Top Upper Cervical Doctors, in chapter 2 I discuss the importance of mindset and how the top upper cervical doctors have a winning mindset.

But today I want to hone in on 3 thought patterns that crush practice growth.

I find these to be so common with the doctors that I talk to who are not where they want to be that I feel it’s my duty to share with you how these thought patterns are impacting your practice and your life.

I want to help you break away from these thought patterns so you can maximize your full potential. So you can reach more sick and suffering people in your community with hope and healing.

#1 Excuse Making and Blame Shifting

Thought patterns that crush practice growth

Making excuses and shifting blame is so common in our society that it has become celebrated and encouraged in many ways.

From the beginning of time when Adam and Eve took the forbidden fruit and ate it, Adam’s response when God called him out was “it was this woman that you gave me”. Adam blames Eve and God for his choice. Adam was our first example of passivity but it has continued for generations after generations.

Accepting responsibility is absolutely essential for success in life and practice. When we make excuses and shift blame to others, the economy, the medical profession, or whatever, we give ourselves an excuse to fail.

But when we accept responsibility and embrace challenges we can persevere. We can look in the mirror and say “what I’m doing right now is not working”. The moment we do that we can begin to pursue creative options to succeed.

So if you struggle in this area please put to death excuse-making and blame-shifting in your thought patterns. When you begin to fall into that type of thought pattern I encourage you to take that thought captive and replace it with a responsibility thought.

Instead of saying “my patients don’t want to refer others” (blame-shifting to your patients)

Say instead “what can I do to help my patients see the value of my care so that they will want to refer others” (accepting responsibility for referrals in your practice)

Instead of saying “nobody wants to come to my practice because I don’t take insurance” (excuse-making)

Say instead “how can my team and I improve our communication and systems so people will want to come here regardless of their insurance situation” (accepting responsibility)

So if you know that you have a tendency to make excuses and shift blame to others (or you have team members that do) I encourage you to put a stop to those thoughts as they are crushing your practice growth.

#2 Procrastination and Complacency

Thought patterns that crush practice growth

The second common thought pattern that I see from upper cervical doctors struggling to grow is the tendency towards procrastination and complacency.

It’s the thought “well I could do that later” or “eventually I’ll get around to that”.

This thought pattern crushes growth because it takes good ideas and puts them on the back burner. It also translates into a bad habit of breaking your word to yourself.

When you make a commitment to yourself or others you have integrity in that commitment?

Does your yes mean yes?

When you are complacent and procrastinate or fail to keep your commitments you are encouraging failure within yourself.

These are the doctors that say “yes I know I should be doing that” but then never do it.

If you struggle with this thought pattern I encourage you to begin keeping your commitment in small ways.

Even something as simple as committing to doing 10 push-ups each day and actually doing it is a way that you can begin to break this pattern.

This type of thought pattern doesn’t just affect your practice it infects your entire life. So please recognize this in yourself and begin to put it to death so you can grow and help more people in your community. They need you!

#3 Prideful Self-Justification

The last of the thought patterns that crush practice growth is a tendency to think thoughts of prideful self-justification. This is a thought pattern that continues to reinforce that you are right and everyone else is wrong.

That when patients don’t get results it’s their fault and you don’t have any responsibility in the situation.

When a team member quits because they didn’t like working for you it’s their fault. It’s not because you didn’t train them well, set good expectations, or equip them for success.

It’s frequently connected to the first thought pattern we talked about which is excuse-making and blame-shifting. But it can be even more destructive because of the lack of humility this individual is struggling with.

Humility is one of the most important characteristics that I’ve seen in top upper cervical doctors. They are willing to learn. They know that they don’t have it all figured out. They are open to criticism.

Are you?

When most people think about having a lack of humility they think of arrogance or boastful pride. Yet there is another type of pride that is often mislabeled, it’s called self-pity. Arrogance and self-pity are definitely on opposite ends of the pride spectrum, but they are both all about self. Humility however is about putting your focus on others and taking it off of yourself or being self-LESS.

CS Lewis said:

“Humility is not thinking less of yourself it is thinking of yourself less”

If you are struggling in practice it’s very likely that you are in a place of self-pity. You really have to break out of that. By focusing on what you can do today to make your situation better you can begin to gain some control over your life.

If you are successful in practice there is another more insidious way that a lack of humility will impact you and your practice and that is called the arrogance of success.

William Pollard once said “Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow.”

When we reach a certain level of success we can become filled up with pride and arrogance.

A humble person knows that they have never arrived.

There is always more to learn.

Break Free from the Thought Patterns That Crush Practice Growth

So Doc if you know that you struggle with these thought patterns that crush practice growth and you want to break free so that you can finally make the impact in your community that you’re looking to make then reach out to us and have a short conversation with our team about Upper Cervical Practice Mastery Coaching.

Your practice is a reflection of your life.

We focus on helping you get your mindset, habits, and systems right so you can achieve your goals.

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