Top 10 Blogs and Podcasts of 2018

Over the years at Upper Cervical Marketing we have been known for our content. Over the past six years, we have created hundreds of blog posts, podcasts, webinars, and other free resources to serve upper cervical doctors and students. Once again in 2018, we have produced some awesome pieces of content that can greatly influence your ability to bring hope and healing to sick and suffering people. Below is a list of our 10 most popular blogs and podcasts from 2018. We include the title and a short summary of the blog or podcast along with a link to take you to the content. Hope you enjoy the top 10 blogs and podcasts of 2018.


101 chiropractic marketing ideas #1 101 Chiropractic Marketing Ideas by Tony Hook, Director of Sales and Marketing

According to our Upper Cervical Practice Surveys, The #1 challenge that upper cervical doctors face is attracting new patients. It can be a real pain. You have the solution to help sick and suffering people, but reaching them effectively…that’s a whole other story.

In this blog post, Tony Hook provides you with a wide spectrum of 101 chiropractic marketing ideas to help you internally, externally, and digitally thrive in upper cervical practice. This was our most popular blog post of 2018!


#2 UCM Podcast Episode 68 Provider Nights, Cash Practice, and Setting Boundaries with Dr. Bill Davis, Dr. Tyler Evans, and Dr. Mychal Beebe

In this podcast, husband-and-wife team Dr. Tyler Evans and Dr. Mychal Beebe discuss a tremendous professional referral event they do in their office and how they have been able to succeed in cash practice and lastly, we had a conversation about the importance of setting boundaries when working with your spouse.

This was our most popular podcast of 2018. You will love it!



Upper Cervical Practice Mastery#3 UCM Podcast Episode 67 Upper Cervical Practice Mastery: Learn Success Secrets of the World’s Top Upper Cervical Doctors with Tony Hook and Dr. Bill Davis

Possibly our greatest content contribution ever was released in 2018 in the form of a book that combines our experience of working with over 200 clients and interviewing over 100 of the world’s top upper cervical doctors along with my own experience of building 2 extremely successful businesses. In this podcast, I discussed with Tony why I wrote the book and what you can get from reading it. I also discuss launch bonuses and other gifts associated with the book and the website


#4 How to Use the 7 Learning Styles to Communicate Effectively in Your Upper Cervical Practice by Dr. Bill Davis

In this blog, I discussed the seven learning styles and how these are key to effectively communicate upper cervical to your patients. This is an extremely practical blog that you can apply immediately.


Upper cervical marketing podcast episode 54 #5 UCM Podcast Episode 54 How Dr. Drew Clark Used a Sink or Swim Philosophy to Grow His Extremely Successful Practice with Dr. Bill Davis and Dr. Drew Clark

In this podcast, my guest was Dr. Drew Clark from Bonita Springs, Florida and we discussed how he used a sink or swim philosophy in the building and growing of his extremely successful practice. This is an important podcast on mindset, commitment, and perseverance that you will want to listen to over and over.


spinal screenings#6 Hate Spinal Screenings? 3 Keys to Market Your Practice without Them by Dr. Bill Davis

In this popular blog post, I discuss what to do if you know you need to market your practice but you don’t want to do spinal screenings. I give you three keys to focus on that have tremendous benefits for you and your practice.


Upper cervical marketing podcast episode 66#7 UCM Podcast Episode 66 Serving 1000 Patients per Week and Expecting Miracles with Dr. Bill Davis and Dr. Jason Sabo

In this podcast, I had a conversation with a high volume upper cervical practitioner from Canada named Dr. Jason Sabo. This is an inspirational and motivational conversation that was extremely popular in 2018.


How to use a community outreach assistant #8 How to Use a Community Outreach Assistant to Increase Your New Patients by Dr. Noel Lloyd

This was our most popular guest blog post of 2018. Dr. Noel Lloyd of Five-Star Management discussed how to use a community outreach assistant to increase new patients.


Dr. Brooks#9 UCM Podcast Episode 50 Answering the 5 Questions Patients Ask with Dr. Bill Davis and Dr. Robert Brooks

In this podcast, Dr. Robert Brooks an upper cervical legend returns as a guest to discuss the five most common questions patients ask and how to answer those questions effectively. A highly practical podcast that you can use immediately.

top 10 blogs and podcasts of 2018 from upper cervical marketing#10 UCM Podcast Episode 51 How Dr. Bo Rochester’s Research Has Helped Grow His Practice and Upper Cervical with Dr. Bill Davis and Dr. Bo Rochester

In this podcast, Dr. Bo Rochester and I discuss his extremely important research and how it has had a dramatic impact on his practice and upper cervical as a whole and how it can impact your practice as well.


I recommend you spend the next few weeks between now and the end of the year going through this top 10 blogs and podcasts to help you succeed in 2019!

And remember, information without implementation leads to frustration. If you want some help implementing any of the strategies or protocols we encourage on this website I recommend you check out the UCP Master Academy.

It’s time to take upper cervical to the world!

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