UCM 024: Overcoming the Sales and Marketing Taboos to Grow Your Practice in 2020




UCM 024: Overcoming the Sales and Marketing Taboos to Grow Your Practice in 2020


Sales and Marketing Should Not Be Taboo in Your Practice

Within chiropractic unfortunately there is a taboo at times when it comes to sales and marketing.

You will hear doctors say things like this:

“I don’t ever do any marketing”

“I just deliver the goods so I don’t need to market”

“Results and referrals is all I need”

“I didn’t go to school to be a salesman”

The truth is that statements like this and a mindset like this within the upper cervical chiropractic industry is hurting doctors, patients and upper cervical worldwide.

With 80% of doctors collecting less than $40,000 per month and in solo practice bragging about how you don’t have to market or sell is not really benefiting anyone.

If you look at the top 20% of our great profession (those who are collecting more than $40,000 per month) you will see a consistent pattern of internal and external marketing outreach and a systematized sales process.

These are the doctors who have Associates and have freedom and stability in their practice.

These are the doctors that we frequently have on this podcast because we want to teach you what is necessary to grow your practice to the same level or if you are already in that top 20% you are likely someone that is constantly looking for ways to improve and once again this podcast can help you do that.

So today I want to talk about the importance of sales and marketing and why it’s important that all doctors embrace these basic and fundamental aspects of business.

It’s time to start running your practice like a business if you’re not already.

Because your community and the growth of upper cervical worldwide depends on it.

Throughout this past year we have had some phenomenal guests on this podcast that can help you in basically every aspect of practice. We are going to highlight some of those shows and give you all the links in the show notes so that you can go back and learn from these ultra-successful doctors.

The first area we are going to look at is the sales process.

Everyone Has a Sales Process

Every practice has a sales process whether you know it or not.

When money is being exchanged for a product or service a sales process has taken place.

Sales is the lifeblood of your practice.

If someone is not buying what you have to offer then you are not going to be in practice for very long.

Within upper cervical chiropractic practices sales begins as soon you have the first contact with that potential new patient.

Training your team to connect with the potential new patient over the phone or through email is crucial.

Once your front desk has scheduled the potential new patient the next step is making sure that they have an awesome first experience in your practice. You only get one chance to make a first impression as they say.

So what does your office say about you?

What does your location say about you?

As you walk up to your practice the same way a potential new patient would what is the look and feel of everything around you from the landscaping and parking lot to the front door and everything in between.

Once someone steps into your office lobby what is the look and feel like?

Is it warm and inviting?

Or are you pushing people away with your decor, music or layout?

Does your front desk assistant greet every new patient the way they would an old friend?

Do they make them feel welcome with a hot tea or water?

Or do they make them feel like they are bothering them and interrupting their other work?

The next part of the sales process is when they actually meet you face-to-face and you do your consultation and exam.

One of the best shows that we did this year that discussed how to do a fantastic consultation and exam and avoid the most common mistakes is a show we did with Dr. Todd Osborne on episode 17 https://uppercervicalmarketing.com/blog/ucm-017-dr-todd-osborne-avoid-common-mistakes-doctors-make-consult-exam-report/.

We have had some awesome shows this year about doing great report of findings including our very first show with Dr. Jeff Scholten on episode one.

Dr. Jeff talked about the importance of connecting with someone through their personality style and how he is able to do that with one simple question.

You can listen to this episode here https://uppercervicalmarketing.com/blog/episode1/

In episode 20 we discussed with Dr. Michael in a how to systematize your consult, exam and report to make it more effective for you and your associates. https://uppercervicalmarketing.com/blog/ucm-020-develop-systems-improve-efficiency-effectiveness-upper-cervical-practice-dr-michael-lenarz/

Marketing: Internal and External All the Time

Before you can do any sales you will need to do some form of marketing. Internal and external marketing is a key to growing your practice from a solo operation with a lack of security and freedom to a real business.

In episode five Dr. Corinne Weaver discussed how she utilized in-house workshops and other events to explode her practice. https://uppercervicalmarketing.com/blog/episode5/

I highly recommend listening to that podcast to improve your internal marketing.

In episode 22 we discussed the most effective forms of external marketing based on our 2016 survey https://uppercervicalmarketing.com/blog/ucm-022-effective-form-marketing-2016/ including the most effective which is online marketing which is of course what we do for doctors at Upper Cervical Marketing.

Generating professional referrals from other health practitioners is another excellent way to market your practice and generate new patients.

I consider Dr. Jeff Scholten to be an absolute master at developing professional relationships and attracting new patients from professional referrals.

If you are interested in learning how to more effectively generate professional referrals check out an interview I did with Dr. Jeff a few years ago here https://uppercervicalmarketing.com/blog/dr-jeff-scholten-and-being-professional-in-chiropractic-marketing-part-1-of-2/.

And lastly if you are ready to hire your first associate or you just want to create associate relationships that work I recommend you listen to the podcast we did with Dr. Noel Lloyd which is episode 18 https://uppercervicalmarketing.com/blog/ucm-018-succeed-associate-relationships-upper-cervical-practice-dr-noel-lloyd/. It is packed full of actionable content that will help you right away.

Use these free resources to educate yourself on the weak areas of your practice and if you have a problem with the words sales and marketing then it’s time to get over yourself and realize that you are in business and all businesses require sales and marketing in order to be successful.

UCM 024: Overcoming the Sales and Marketing Taboos to Grow Your Practice in 2020
UCM 024: Overcoming the Sales and Marketing Taboos to Grow Your Practice in 2020
UCM 024: Overcoming the Sales and Marketing Taboos to Grow Your Practice in 2020
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