UCM 032: Help More People, Have More Fun and Make More Money with Dr. Noel Lloyd

The Chiropractors Guide: Help More People, Have More Fun and Make More Money by Dr. Noel Lloyd


Interview with Dr. Noel Lloyd

Dr. Noel Lloyd
Book: The Chiropractors Guide: 56 Proven Ways to Help More People, Have More Fun and Make More Money

  • You have been doing this a long time…why did you want to write this book now?
  • I want to walk through the book because I think there’s just so much gold in here. We don’t have time to cover all of it and I highly recommend that anyone out there who is a chiropractor or chiropractic student get this book but I want to highlight some of the key things I thought were wonderful in the book. So I like to just tee you up on some of these things and you can just talk about these concepts and expand on them okay?
  • In the very first chapter you talk about the 13 keys to your dream practice and I want to talk about the very first key because as you say and as I would agree this is absolutely crucial to making the rest of this book work for you. So can you talk about key #1 the big decision (love the process). This is the most important attitude.
  • In key #2 you talk about what you believe to be the most important action/skill set which is producing new patients. Talk about why you believe this is such a big problem in chiropractic.
  • In key #8 which is keep up the marketing I want to read you a quote “where did all of your new patients come from initially? Marketing right? Exactly and that’s where they will come from for quite a while. If you quit marketing then you stop doing what made you successful and things will crash. This isn’t rocket science but it seems to allude quite a few docs. The temptation to quit marketing too soon is almost irresistible.” I want to have you talk about this concept which I have heard called the arrogance of success and it so common in all business to stop doing the things that made you successful in the first place. So have a two-part question for you: First of all why do you think that is such a tendency and #2 how can you overcome that.
  • In key #13 which is never give up. Talk about why you think sheer determination is worth more than everything else.
  • In chapter 7: 5 modern strategies to expand your patient base. Strategy #4 is “it’s not my strategy – it’s my commitment to my strategy.” I would like to discuss what you mean by this and how this is so important for any marketing strategy.
  • In chapter 12 Why Some Patients Vanish you talk about a common issue that chiropractic offices face which is patients just disappearing after their first appointment or report of findings. I’d like you to talk about the three most common areas you check for problems when this is happening in practices you have helped.
  • In chapter 24 you talk about creating power hours. First of all I like you to discuss what power hour is and why you feel power hours are a key to success for chiropractors.
  • In chapter 25 Getting the Mechanics Right. You discuss a pet peeve of yours that many practice coaches will frustrate their clients by blaming their headspace for their lack of success. Can you talk about why this is a pet peeve of yours and what you mean by getting the mechanics right?
  • In chapter 37 you talk about flawless delegation. And you emphasize that many of the coaching clients you have had their key to decreasing their stress while still increasing their practice has been delegation. Can you discuss the seven secrets to flawless delegation or at least some about that you think are the most important?
  • In chapter 40 Cutting Your Staff Management Stress in Half. You talk about several mistakes that you have seen over the years of clinic directors in the way that they manage their staff and they’re all great but I want to focus on mistake #3: failure to see that “being nice” is poor management. Is it being nice a good thing? What do you mean by this?
  • And lastly as you wrote this book once one thing that you learned or that you rediscovered?
  • Where can people get the book?

The Chiropractors Guide: Help More People, Have More Fun and Make More Money by Dr. Noel Lloyd

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