How to Build Your Dream Practice by Focusing on Executing on Your Vision with Dr. Christopher Wolff

An Upper Cervical Marketing Podcast Interview with host Dr. Bill Davis and Dr. Christopher Wolff of Seattle Washington discussing how to build your dream practice through laying out a vision and executing on it.

Dr. Davis: Hey everybody. It’s Dr. Bill Davis here with Dr. Christopher Wolff. How are you doing Dr. Wolff?

Dr. Wolff: Great Bill! How are you?

Dr. Davis: I’m doing awesome. All right doc. Well, I am excited to talk with you today, and for anybody that’s not familiar with you, doesn’t know you personally, can you just give us a little bit of background, introduce yourself to the audience?

Dr. Wolff: Sure! Yeah, I’ve been practicing actually now for 19 years. I graduated from Sherman College’s Straight Chiropractic. I like to throw that Straight in there in 1997. So, I was one month away from being 24 years old. So, I was pretty young at that time and then I hooked on as an associate with Dr. Michael Lenarz, which I’m sure many people know, and so we ended up long story short of opening a clinic together, and I bought that office out in 2001 and here I am today talking to you.

Transition from School to Practice

Dr. Davis: Awesome, so talk a little bit about your transition from school to practicing as an associate initially and then that transition to actually buying that first clinic.

Dr. Wolff: I didn’t really have much of a transition. I came right on it. I took maybe a month off and came right out from Sherman to Seattle to work with Dr. Mike, and then like I said, we open that office in the Ballard Area of Seattle, and it was a pretty big hustle. I mean, we worked pretty hard. I was, I probably I drove a little bit was probably like 80 hour weeks or close to it. I hustled a lot. I mean a lot of success in that office, and that’s the office, although we’ve moved it, then I’m sitting in right now that it has been around for 19 years and that’s the mothership that had a lot of sweat equity into it’s my baby and a lot of screenings, talks, health fairs, whatever you could view the hustle, I was doing it especially for those first two to three years, and that’s really what I think was generally like the success of this place is that, we just had so many new patients that’s created a really good foundation that even right now. I mean this morning, we had like two or three calls and it’s like new patients. It’s just non-stop.

How Much of The Business of the Actual Clinic Were You Involved With?

Dr. Davis: That’s awesome. So, 2001 you buy the clinic, right? And up to that point, how much of the business of the actual clinic were you involved with?

Dr. Wolff: I wasn’t really involved in much of the accounting everything, but I was involved in everything else, and I’ve done billing. I had done input of charges. I ran the marketing obviously.  I was the clinic director, so I pretty much ran everything except for anything financial. I think around accounting or writing a check…

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