UCM 079: Building a Legacy of Upper Cervical Practice Success with Dr. Jake Kilian and Dr. Trevor Kilian

Drs. Jake and Trevor Kilian on the Upper Cervical Marketing Podcast

In this  UCM Podcast Dr. Bill Davis interviews Dr. Jake Kilian and Dr. Trevor Kilian from Kilian Chiropractic in Aldergrove, British Columbia, Canada. Learn how they have developed a legacy of upper cervical practice success that has transferred from father to son and continues to grow.

We also discuss Dr. Bill Davis’s new book, Upper Cervical Practice Mastery. In this book, you can learn Success Secrets of the World’s Top Upper Cervical Doctors.

Also, we discuss the UCP Master Academy. How to build your practice from zero to good and from good to great!

Links discussed in the show:

About the Author: Dr. Bill Davis
Dr. Bill Davis is the Founder and CEO of uppercervicalmarketing.com. His goal is to spread the word about the best-kept secret in health through Upper Cervical Specific Business and Marketing Solutions.
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