UCM 099: A 30 Year Pursuit of Excellence with Dr. Kurt Sherwood

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Pursuit of Excellence with Dr. Kurt Sherwood

Pursuit of Excellence with Dr. Kurt Sherwood

In this UCM Podcast, Dr. Bill Davis interviews Dr. Kurt Sherwood, of Restoration Spinal Care in Renton Washington. We discussed how Dr. Sherwood has consistently pursued excellence in all areas of his practice and has achieved better and better results over 30 years of practice!

Besides hearing about the 30-year Pursuit of Excellence with Dr. Kurt Sherwood, the episode also includes a discussion on our Hiring Resource Kit to help you assess and higher your ideal team players in 2020.

With the Hiring Resource Kit you will receive these helpful tools:

  • "DISC" assessment and explanation for assessing potential candidates
  • Ideal team player self-assessment 
  • Position agreement template to communicate expectations

Links discussed in the show:

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