Use Facebook to Produce New Patients For Your Upper Cervical Practice

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Social Media Marketing for Chiropractors: Why Facebook?

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Do you have a Facebook fan page for your upper cervical practice? If not, that is the first step you need to take. All upper cervical practices should have a social media presence, which includes a Facebook fan page, a YouTube page, a Twitter account and a Google plus business page. Look for future blog posts on the other social media platforms. But today is all about Facebook!

Facebook is by far the most popular and highly used social media channel today. Ninety percent of adults have active Facebook accounts. People use it more than any other site and spend a lot of

time each day sharing content, reviewing posts and contributing to conversations. Facebook is a $100 billion company that knows everything about its users. As a business, you can tap into their knowledge to attract extremely qualified and inexpensive followers — your primary customers and prospects. Once you attract the right followers, you then have a direct communication channel to the audience that can most positively affect your business.

Use Facebook to Produce New Patients For Your Upper Cervical Practice
Use Facebook to Produce New Patients For Your Upper Cervical Practice
Use Facebook to Produce New Patients For Your Upper Cervical Practice

Download our Facebook Ad Checklist and make sure your ads are communicating effectively to your target market.

Facebook ad checklist

Get more fans

While it’s nice for friends and family to like your page from all over the country, you ideally want to connect with as many people as possible from your own community.

Local friends and family

  • They already like you and know you and may be patients already. This is a great group of people to encourage to share your content on their own walls to extend your reach.

Existing patients

  • Encourage all of your patients to Like your page. Have a sign at the front desk that says like us on Facebook, if you send emails or newsletters to your patients make sure you always encourage them to like you on Facebook, and have a Facebook like contest one month where everyone who likes your page is entered to win a $100 visa gift card.

Friends of fans

  • Facebook ads can be a terrific way to increase your page engagement. Any time you post something to Facebook on your business page, you can create an ad as a sponsored story using that post, and then choose to only share it with friends of your fans. This is a way to build trust and credibility by proxy.

Other people in your community

  • Another awesome way to engage with people in your own community is to boost your page on Facebook. Facebook allows you to advertise your page to people within a 20 mile radius of your office. Just go to your business page and look for a box that says Get More Likes. Inside that box, there’s a button that says boost page. When you click on that button, you will see that there is a breakdown of how you can advertise your page to get more likes. It will show you the average number of likes, for instance 8 to 33 per day and you can set your budget for as little as $5 per day. I recommend that you do a test run for 30 days set it up for $5 per day. I have an office doing this right now who has added about 400 new page likes in 2 months, all from their own community!

Download our Facebook Ad Checklist below and make sure your ads are communicating effectively to your niche.

Facebook ad checklist
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