Websites for Upper Cervical Chiropractors: Above the Fold Essentials

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Websites for Upper Cervical Doctors

Atlas spinal care websiteWhat does above the fold mean?

Above the fold is the part of your website that a visitor will see when 1st visiting your homepage without scrolling down. This is the most important part of your website, because it must contain all the information that is necessary for a website visitor to take a desired action. If you really want to nail your upper cervical chiropractic website you need to make sure you have the above the fold essentials in place.

Here’s a breakdown of the above the fold essentials.


Do you have an attractive logo that differentiates your brand? If so, your logo should be prominently displayed in your header. Your logo should be congruent with the rest of your website’s colors and style.

An Attractive Image or Images

Images draw in visitors and are important part of your website. When someone lands on your homepage you should have an image or a rotating image slider that catches the eye and the attention immediately.

Phone Number

A phone number is an absolute essential for a website to have prominently displayed above the fold. So many of your potential new patients are finding you via their phones, not having a phone number that is easily clicked on and immediately dialed is a huge mistake in our mobile world.

Websites for Upper Cervical Chiropractors: Above the Fold Essentials
Websites for Upper Cervical Chiropractors: Above the Fold Essentials
Websites for Upper Cervical Chiropractors: Above the Fold Essentials

Contact Information

I have seen websites without contact pages and I’ve seen websites with very difficult to find contact pages under subheadings or other places. Don’t make it difficult for someone to find out where you are located and how to contact you. An email address or a request an appointment button is a good place to start. You may also want to include your physical address in the header as well. Make it easy for someone to know if your office is a good place for them to investigate more.

To learn more about websites for upper cervical chiropractors download our free 10 step Web design checklist below:

web design

Main Navigation Menu

You want to make it easy for someone to navigate through your website. If they want to learn more about you, your practice what it’s like to become a new patient, etc. you want to have all that information readily accessible and easy for them to navigate to at the top of your website. And make sure you’re not overwhelming them with options. Keep it simple, just the basics are what you want in your main navigation menu.

Social Media and Review Links

Part of the way that someone will research your practice is by checking out your social media and definitely your online reviews. Make it easy for them by placing buttons in the header to connect to your Facebook, Google plus, YouTube, yelp, and any other social media and review sites you have a presence on.

A Call to Action Button

And last but certainly not least, you should have a call to action button above the fold of your homepage. What do you want someone to do when they land on your website? Do you want them to download an e-book, do you want them to call your office, do you want them to schedule a consultation? You need to show someone what the next step is when they land on your website. Now that you’re here you should do this.

If you implement these essentials on your upper cervical website, you’ll be way ahead of a majority of your competitors.

If you would like to get feedback on your website from our experts, click the button below to schedule a upper cervical chiropractic website evaluation where we will go page by page through your website with you on a 30 minute screen share phone call.

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