Chiropractic Internet Marketing Strategy

Upper Cervical Marketing currently works with 57 clients in 23 states, 2 Canadian provinces and 3 countries and the one thing that we have learned over the past 3 years is that if you’re going to do online marketing well you must have a comprehensive approach. If you are discussing the online marketing needs of your practice with a company that is putting all their eggs in one basket whether it be Google ad words, website design, social media posting or whatever…RUN! The only way that online marketing works and works well and works consistently is with a comprehensive approach. Here is the current breakdown of the importance of the different Internet marketing approaches we use in our Upper Cervical Marketing System 2.0

Online marketing approaches

It is critical to have all aspects of online marketing working together. For instance, when you have positive online reviews it will improve the performance of your Facebook ads, your search engine optimization, your website, your blogs, your social media posts, your email auto responders etc.

About a year ago I wrote an article called Why Search Engine Optimization for Chiropractors Isn’t Enough in this article I discussed the importance of marketing for the ideal upper cervical patient. This is not the person “who has a little hitch in there giddyup” and needs to “come in and get their back popped”.

The best upper cervical patients are those with chronic health conditions that have not found help anywhere else. They come to you, they get incredibl