Without This Your Chiropractic Internet Marketing Won’t Work (usually)

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Chiropractic Internet Marketing

What-s Missing

In today’s Internet driven world it is extremely important that the upper cervical doctor have a strong online presence. Whether you are attempting to do your Internet marketing yourself or working with us it is extremely important that you build trust, likability and credibility with your online marketing approach.

There are two extremely important ways for you to create trust, likability and credibility with people who do not know you personally online.

Online Reviews (You Can Not Have Enough of Them)

When potential new patients are searching for chiropractors in your area one of the most important ways to set yourself apart is through the number and quality of the online reviews you have on the Internet. Even someone who has heard about you from a friend or has read an article that you wrote or has downloading an e-book from your website will frequently look you up on Google to see what other people are saying about you.

Google reviews, yelp reviews, Citysearch etc. are important ways to build trust, likability and credibility. Depending on your area Google reviews or yelp reviews may be the most important. For instance in some areas such as the San Francisco area yelp is extremely powerful. But in other areas yelp is not nearly utilized is much.

It is best to get reviews on multiple sites but I believe Google reviews are the most important for the majority of upper cervical doctors.

These Google reviews also matter to your local search engine rankings, the number one ranked site frequently will have 33% more customer reviews than the average number 7 ranked site.

This is why I recommend to my clients that they get double the number of reviews of their competitors.

Many experts agree that Google reviews which patients write through their Google plus pages areeven more important than reviews written on other sites like yelp and CitySearch.

Where Should You Get Online Reviews

As discussed above, Google reviews are the most important. But it’s also good to get reviews on other sites as well. According to online reputation expert Jeff Bridges Yelp, CitySearch, and Insider pages are considered to be the most dominant review sources. They license and syndicate their content to downstream sites, many of which you may not be familiar with, (but do get lots of traffic.)

The only problem with yelp is that unless your patient is a regular user of yelp, the review will likely be hidden. So, CitySearch may be a better way to go. It just depends on the types of patients that you have in your practice. You can also get reviews on your Facebook business page.

Without This Your Chiropractic Internet Marketing Won’t Work (usually)
Without This Your Chiropractic Internet Marketing Won’t Work (usually)
Without This Your Chiropractic Internet Marketing Won’t Work (usually)

How Do You Get Online Reviews

To get Google reviews your patient needs to be on Google plus, now. Here’s an example of a flowchart that you could create to make it easy for your patients to give you Google reviews. After you create the flowchart just attach it to a series of emails as I describe below.

It is very possible to get 10-15 online reviews in only a couple of days using a series of emails and an incentive as recommended by Matthew Loop, a social media expert (such as a half hour massage or a gift card to a restaurant).

Here is how to do it:

Email 1 (send on a Tuesday morning around 7am)

Subject: I need your help. Please open 

Thank you in kind for opening this email. Here at my chiropractic office, we always love taking care of you, your family and friends.

This is what our office is all about – helping our patients on their road to optimal health and wellness.

We want to take more responsibility for the health of people in our community and the best way to do that is to get the word out.

We are asking that you help us in this effort by taking a few minutes to post a positive review about our office if you’ve been a patient here.

It can be a simple testimonial of how we’ve helped you recover from a symptom, or letting others know that we have a happy, friendly team… or any way in which we have helped you.

Doesn’t have to be long- just a couple lines is fine and it will probably take you only two minutes!

When you complete the review by Friday evening (9/27/14) at 6pm EST, just forward me a quick email at dr@gmail.com and I’d like to give you a special gift (valued at $50). Wait until you see what it is, you’ll be VERY happy. That’s my personal guarantee.

(Attach flowchart for Google reviews with links)

If you are a regular user of yelp, just go ahead and post on Yelp at the link below.

[Your practice’s Yelp link]

If you do not want to do the Google review or yelp review, you could very simply leave us a review at CitySearch.

[Your practice’s CitySearch link]

We are eager to see what you have to say!

Thanking you so much for your help and let me know if you have any questions,

John Doe, DC

PS – Go right now to one of the links above and email me before Friday evening (9/27/14) at 6pm EST to claim your special gift!

Email 2 – Send 3 days later on day of the deadline

Subject – 4 Hours Left… HURRY!

I just wanted to make sure you received the special email I sent on Tuesday. There are only a few hours left to take advantage! See below for details. Thanks 

– John Doe, DC


Then just copy and paste your previous email here.

Video Testimonials (You Can Not Have Enough of Them)

Video testimonials are another incredible way to build trust, likability and credibility with online users. Your testimonials do not have to be professionally produced in order to be effective. The number of the video testimonials is usually more important. For instance Dr. Justin Brown of Coral Springs Florida has done an excellent job of collecting video testimonials from his patients. In click the link above to go to his video testimonial page. When a prospective new patient goes to that page it screams trust, likability and credibility. The person doesn’t even need to watch one of the videos to see how many people are getting help in his office and are willing to spend the time to tell others.

Now if you do not have enough traffic to your website you can have all the video testimonials in the world and nobody will see them. But if you combine online reviews, video testimonials and a strong upper cervical specific online marketing program you are likely to dominate your local market.

To begin to accumulate online reviews and video testimonials grab our reputation builder tool kit How to Get 100 Google Reviews and Become the Go to Doc in Your Area  by clicking the button below.

Online Marketing Guide

Grab Our Online Marketing Overhaul Mini-Class to Learn How to Engage with Potential New Patients Online.

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Dr. Bill Davis is the Founder and CEO of uppercervicalmarketing.com. His goal is to spread the word about the best-kept secret in health through Upper Cervical Specific Business and Marketing Solutions.
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