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Building a Chiropractic Funnel to Produce Consistent New Patients

Table of Contents A Chiropractic Funnel#1 Lead MagnetOnlineSpinal ScreeningCommunity Talk#2 ConsultationPersonal ContactsPatient ReferralsProfessional Referrals#3 Care Plan A Chiropractic Funnel In today's world, it is crucial that your practice has a chiropractic funnel to consistently produce new patients. A chiropractic funnel is a marketing strategy that makes offers consistent with the level of trust that you […]

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Grow Your Chiropractic Practice with the Top 10 Blogs and Podcasts of the year

Table of Contents Grow Your Chiropractic Practice #1 Chiropractic Facebook Ads: 3 Extremely Important Do's and Don'ts#2 The Best Digital Marketing for Chiropractors in 2020#3 UCM 111: Building a 100% Referral Practice through the Pursuit of Excellence with Dr. Matt McNally#4 6th Annual Upper Cervical Practice Survey Results#5 How to Pick the Best Chiropractic Marketing […]

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21 Keys to Build a Successful Chiropractic Practice in 2021 and Beyond

Table of Contents Build a Successful Chiropractic Practice#1 Pivot#2 Digital Domination#3 Capture Success Stories#4 Grow Your Google Reviews#5 Build Your Professional Network#6 Generate Engaged Leads#7 Nurture Leads #8 Convert Leads #9 Deliver the Goods#10 Retain Your Current Patients#11 Resell Your Current Patients#12 Upsell Your Current Patients#13 Keep Your Website up to Date#14 Invest in Your Team#15 Do, […]

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6th Annual Upper Cervical Practice Survey Results

Table of Contents 2020 Upper Cervical Practice SurveyQuestion 1: How long have you been in practice?Question 2: Which upper cervical technique do you primarily practice?Question 3: What has been the most effective form of EXTERNAL marketing for your practice in 2020? (Not Referrals)Question 4: What has been the most effective form of INTERNAL marketing for […]

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5 Keys to Scaling Your Chiropractic Business for Success

Table of Contents Scaling Your Chiropractic Practice#1 Lead Generation#2 Lead Nurture#3 Lead Conversion#4 Delivery#5 Retain/Resell/Upsell Scaling Your Chiropractic Practice When you first start a chiropractic practice, you want to build it up to cover all of your overhead and support your family but eventually, you realize that it can be so much more than just […]

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How Branding Helps You Connect with More Sick and Suffering People

Everyone recognizes the Nike swoosh, Starbucks' weird 2-tailed siren/mermaid, and Apple's...well...apple. Successful companies recognize the power of branding when it comes to connecting with people. While branding is far more encompassing than a logo, there is no doubt that branding is an important step in the life and health of a business. The same holds […]

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If Life Were a Game What Would Your Score Be?

Have you ever thought about life as a game? That each of the parts of your life are different parts of a game that you can be winning or losing? What if there is a way that you could score each part of your life to determine how you are doing? This is the power […]

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Connect with More People by Sharing Who You Are

Ever wondered how you can connect with more people and share your message of hope and healing? People do business with those they know and trust. It isn't enough to only have a great product or service. Actually, sustained success occurs when you build relational bridges with your community and even current patients. Studies show […]

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8 Chiropractic Marketing Questions That You NEED to Know the Answers

Table of Contents Chiropractic Marketing QuestionsWhy Would I Need to Market my Practice Online?Do I Need a Website to Start Marketing?What are the Best Marketing Events?When Should I Start Marketing?Can I Reduce or Stop Marketing Once I Have the Results I Want?Am I Going to Have to Use Video?How Long Does it Take to Get […]

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4 Awesome UC Products to Help You Educate and Engage with Your Patients

Table of Contents UC ProductsUpper Cervical Specific PostersEducation StationBrochuresTCOP Practice Manual UC Products When starting and growing an upper cervical practice there are certain UC products that can really help you educate and engage with new and existing patients. On our website, we have attempted to find you products like this from people within the […]

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5 Crucial Chiropractic Internet Marketing Trends You Need to Know for Growth

Table of Contents Chiropractic Internet Marketing TrendsVideo Continues to Gain SteamInfographics Educate and AttractOnline Reputation is GoldenSEO Needs Specific AttentionStreamline Your Website Chiropractic Internet Marketing Trends Marketing is an insatiable beast with an ever-changing diet. If you're not careful, it will turn on you...devouring your time, money, and energy. Smart doctors must either learn to […]

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How to Harness the Power of Video to Reach More People

Table of Contents Power of Video Marketing for ChiropractorsWays to Use Power of VideoVideo equipmentVideo TestimonialsDoctor VideosExplanation VideosFrequently Asked Questions on VideosDemonstration VideosWhiteboard Videos Power of Video Marketing for Chiropractors The very first article that I ever wrote for this blog was about the power of video marketing. Seven years later I am still talking […]

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