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How Much Should Your Chiropractic Marketing Budget Be?

Chiropractic Marketing Budget Table of Contents Chiropractic Marketing BudgetChiropractic Marketing PlanCalculate Your Chiropractic Marketing Budget Download our complimentary resource The Chiropractic Marketing Calculator and Budget to determine how much you should be spending on marketing, how you should be spending it and how to track it below. Frequently when we talk to upper cervical chiropractors […]

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Chiropractic Facebook Ads: 3 Extremely Important Do's and Don'ts

Chiropractic Facebook Ads  Table of Contents Chiropractic Facebook Ads Don’t Use QuestionsDon’t Insinuate a CureDon’t Use Pictures with Red Painful AreasDo Run Facebook AdsDo Record VideosDo Get Facebook Ads Help Facebook ads have been an effective chiropractic marketing strategy for many years now. But as with everything in the internet marketing world they are always changing. […]

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Increase Referrals, Testimonials, and Reviews Through Quarterly Contests

Quarterly Contests Table of Contents Quarterly ContestsCreating a Quarterly ContestPrizesGiveawaysRaffle and RewardsWays to Promote InternallyWays to Promote ExternallyWays to Promote DigitallyThemeWho Is Responsible for What An excellent way to increase referrals and referral conversion with social proof is with quarterly contests. Social proof including video testimonials on Facebook, YouTube, and your website and online reviews […]

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5th Annual Upper Cervical Practice Survey Results

Upper Cervical Practice Survey Table of Contents Upper Cervical Practice SurveyQuestion 1: How long have you been in practice?Question 2: Which upper cervical technique do you primarily practice?Question 3: What has been the most effective form of EXTERNAL marketing for your practice in 2019 (not referrals)?Question 4: What has been the most effective form of […]

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How to Effectively Use Guest Blogging on Your Upper Cervical Website

Guest blogging is an underutilized but very effective strategy for improving your search engine optimization and new patients from the Internet. This is a strategy that we have used successfully as part of our Upper Cervical Marketing System on our Upper Cervical Awareness Website for several years. All of our doctors have guest blog posts […]

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How to Use YouTube to Produce New Patients for Your Upper Cervical Practice

YouTube to Produce New Patients Table of Contents YouTube to Produce New PatientsYouTube Search Engine OptimizationKeyword ResearchCreate an Optimized TitleUse Tags WiselyCreate a Full DescriptionConsider Using Closed Captions or Uploading a Transcript YouTube is a search engine. In fact it’s the number two most popular search engine in the world. And it’s owned by the […]

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How to Use the 7 Learning Styles to Communicate Effectively in Your Upper Cervical Practice

Upper cervical practices should know that there are 7 ways that human beings learn information. The 7 ways are known as the 7 learning styles and they include: Visual (spatial): prefer using pictures, images, and spatial understanding. Aural (auditory-musical):  prefer using sound and music. Verbal (linguistic):  prefer using words, both in speech and writing. Physical (kinesthetic):  prefer using your […]

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5 Keys to Scaling Your Chiropractic Business for Success

Scaling Your Chiropractic Practice Table of Contents Scaling Your Chiropractic Practice#1 Lead Generation#2 Lead Nurture#3 Lead Conversion#4 Delivery#5 Retain/Resell/Upsell When you first start a chiropractic practice, you want to build it up to cover all of your overhead and support your family but eventually, you realize that it can be so much more than just […]

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How to Choose the BEST Internal and External Chiropractic Marketing Events

Chiropractic Marketing Events: Best External & Internal Tips Table of Contents Chiropractic Marketing Events: Best External & Internal TipsKnow yourself and your team Know your goalsKnow what worksTrack your results You know you should be doing SOMETHING to reach your local community and cultivate internal referrals...but WHAT? There are a TON of different chiropractic marketing events […]

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How Branding Helps You Connect with More Sick and Suffering People

Everyone recognizes the Nike swoosh, Starbucks' weird 2-tailed siren/mermaid, and Apple's...well...apple. Successful companies recognize the power of branding when it comes to connecting with people. While branding is far more encompassing than a logo, there is no doubt that branding is an important step in the life and health of a business. The same holds […]

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Does Your Reputation Online Reflect the Top Doc That You Are?

Online Reputation Table of Contents Online ReputationGoogleFacebookVideosPhotosReviews and Recommendations As an Upper Cervical Specialist, you offer a unique procedure that helps many people that no one else can help. You have done hundreds of hours of postgraduate work to achieve a level of excellence that few if any do in your community. But does your […]

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If Life Were a Game What Would Your Score Be?

Have you ever thought about life as a game? That each of the parts of your life are different parts of a game that you can be winning or losing? What if there is a way that you could score each part of your life to determine how you are doing? This is the power […]

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