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Dr. Nick Tedder and The Importance of Mentorship for Your Upper Cervical Practice

Mentorship for Your Upper Cervical Practice Table of Contents Mentorship for Your Upper Cervical PracticeDr. Nick Tedder: how it all startedGoing out on Your OwnThe Importance of MarketingMentors Are the Key to Successful Upper Cervical Practice Recently I had the opportunity to talk with Dr Nick Tedder of Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Georgia. Dr Tedder […]

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Dr. Justin Brown: Confidence, Certainty and 500+ Patient Visits per Week

Dr. Justin Brown Table of Contents Dr. Justin BrownFrom Chronic Fatigue to 1000% Upper Cervical750 Doors in 100% HumidityAnchored by ResultsWhat Is the Value of Upper Cervical Care? Dr. Justin Brown has built one of the largest upper cervical clinics in the world in just over 8 years. Dr. Brown and his associates consistently see […]

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Dr. Larry Arbeitman and How to Build a TEAM to Grow Your Upper Cervical Practice

Dr. Larry Arbeitman Table of Contents Dr. Larry ArbeitmanWhy Upper Cervical?Building an Upper Cervical Practice FastBuilding a Team That Works towards Goals TogetherGROW YOU, YOUR PRACTICE AND UPPER CERVICAL Recently we interviewed Dr. Larry Arbeitman of Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Monmouth in New Jersey. Dr. Arbeitman is a master at team building. He has been […]

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How Much Should Your Chiropractic Marketing Budget Be?

Chiropractic Marketing Budgets Table of Contents Chiropractic Marketing BudgetsChiropractic Marketing PlanBottomlineDownload our complimentary resource The Chiropractic Marketing Calculator and Budget to determine how much you should be spending on marketing, how you should be spending it and how to track it below. Frequently when we talk to upper cervical chiropractors about their marketing budget. We […]

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Dr. Robert Brooks and Communication in Upper Cervical Marketing

Dr. Robert Brooks, Upper Cervical Legend Table of Contents Dr. Robert Brooks, Upper Cervical LegendTaking Care Of PeopleCommunication in Upper Cervical Marketing Dr. Robert Brooks is a well-known and well-respected leader in the upper cervical community. With over 40 years of practice experience, we certainly could learn a lot from Dr. Brooks about marketing and […]

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Upper Cervical Blog Post Optimization Checklist for Google

The Importance of Blogging for Your Upper Cervical Practice Table of Contents The Importance of Blogging for Your Upper Cervical PracticeOptimizing an Upper Cervical Blog PostGrab Our Online Marketing Overhaul Mini-Class to Learn More About How to Engage with Potential New Patients Online. Blogging is STILL an important part of online marketing. 7 years ago […]

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Dr. Ray Drury and the Power of Focus in Your Upper Cervical Marketing

Power of Focus in Upper Cervical Marketing Table of Contents Power of Focus in Upper Cervical MarketingGrowing Your Practice with Proper Focus and Upper Cervical MarketingUpper Cervical Health Centers of AmericaThe Best Kept Secret in Health Care Dr Ray Drury of the Upper Cervical Health Centers of America is a leader within the upper cervical […]

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Dr. Shawn Dill and Building Relationships to Grow Your Upper Cervical Practice

Dr. Shawn Dill Table of Contents Dr. Shawn Dill The Chiropractic Story From Costa Rica to the WorldUpper Cervical Marketing Systems Dr. Shawn Dill is the founder of The Specific Chiropractic Centers with 9 locations and growing. He also runs a knee chest technique program called The Art of the Specific. Their clinics are all cash, upper […]

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Dr. Julie Mayer Hunt and Having Purpose in Chiropractic Marketing

Dr. Julie Mayer Hunt Table of Contents Dr. Julie Mayer HuntPracticing Upper Cervical Chiropractic Having a Purpose in Your Chiropractic Marketing Communicating the Need behind the NeedThe Upper Cervical Experience Event in New Orleans Recently I spoke with Dr. Julie Mayer-Hunt who has been a practicing upper cervical chiropractor for over 33 years. Dr. Julie is well […]

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Dr. Todd Osborne and Communicating the Upper Cervical Message

Dr. Todd Osborne Table of Contents Dr. Todd OsborneIntroduction to Upper Cervical Building a Large Practice in a Small Town Communicating Upper CervicalThe Cream Rises to the TopWhat's Ahead of the Chiropractic Profession Dr. Todd Osborne otherwise known as "Dr. Oz" has been a practicing upper cervical chiropractor for over 25 years. Dr. Oz is also known for […]

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Dr. Drew Hall and Keeping the Passion in Your Upper Cervical Practice

Dr. Drew Hall Table of Contents Dr. Drew HallSaved by Upper CervicalBuilding a Successful Upper Cervical Practice With PassionBringing Passion to Your Upper Cervical MarketingBlair Chiropractic SocietyThe Professional Upper Cervical Athlete Recently I spoke with Dr. Drew Hall, an extremely successful and passionate upper cervical doctor in Southern California. In this interview we spoke about […]

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Dr. Terry McCoskey and Keeping the Fun in Your Chiropractic Marketing

Dr. Terry McCoskey Table of Contents Dr. Terry McCoskeyIntroduction to Upper CervicalBuilding a Big Practice through Internal Chiropractic MarketingThe Upper Cervical Experience Event We recently interviewed Dr. Terry McCoskey of Fairborn Ohio who has been a practicing upper cervical chiropractor for over 25 years. Dr. McCoskey has been able to build an extremely successful upper cervical […]

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