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4th Annual Upper Cervical Practice Survey Results

4th Annual Upper Cervical Practice Survey Table of Contents 4th Annual Upper Cervical Practice SurveyQuestion 1: How long have you been in practice?Question 2: Which upper cervical technique do you primarily practice?Question 3: What has been the most effective form of EXTERNAL marketing for your practice in 2018 (not referrals)?Question 4: What has been the […]

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Top 10 Blogs and Podcasts of 2018

Top 10 Blogs and Podcasts of 2018 Table of Contents Top 10 Blogs and Podcasts of 2018#1 101 Chiropractic Marketing Ideas by Tony Hook, Director of Sales and Marketing#2 UCM Podcast Episode 68 Provider Nights, Cash Practice, and Setting Boundaries with Dr. Bill Davis, Dr. Tyler Evans, and Dr. Mychal Beebe#3 UCM Podcast Episode 67 […]

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How can you IMPROVE in 2019 if you don’t know where you are NOW?

How can you IMPROVE in 2019 if you don’t know where you are NOW? Table of Contents How can you IMPROVE in 2019 if you don’t know where you are NOW?Life Score Assessment In the first chapter of my book, Upper Cervical Practice Mastery I discuss the importance of evaluating your life to determine and […]

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Can Sick and Suffering People Find You Online?

You're an upper cervical specialist. You have the heart and skills that help bring hope and healing to sick and suffering people. And there are a TON of people in your area that need your help! But, can sick and suffering people find you online? With the vast majority of people searching online for chiropractors, […]

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5 Keys to a Great Upper Cervical Website

Upper Cervical Websites Table of Contents Upper Cervical Websites#1 Your Website Must Be SecureInstall an SSL CertificateKeep Your Website Software Up-To-DateKeep Your Website Backed up Every Day#2 Above the Fold Essentials#3 Search Engine Optimization#4 Conversion Optimization#5 Focus on Your Ideal Patient ProfileDeveloping your Ideal Patient Profile1. What is their demographic information?2. What does a day […]

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6 Questions Every Potential Patient Asks and How to be Prepared

The phone rings and you hear the front desk pick up. Although you're focused on analyzing x-rays, you can't help but listen in. It's obviously a potential patient on the call. Unfortunately, the phone quickly hangs up without a new patient consultation scheduled. You know your team has a great heart, but you can't help […]

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How to Know What You Should Be Spending On Marketing in 2019

One of my favorite quotes by Dr. BJ Palmer is “early to bed, early to rise, work like hell, and advertise!”BJ understood the importance of marketing and advertising to reach the most people in your community. Word-of-mouth referrals is not enough. There are too many people that are sick and suffering in your community. And […]

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Are You Having Trouble Keeping Team Members?

Building and Retaining a Great Team Table of Contents Building and Retaining a Great TeamGetting Subjective Feedback from the Team Member on YOUR PerformanceGiving Subjective Feedback to the Team Member on THEIR PerformanceReviewing Objective Feedback on the Team Members PerformanceFantastic Resources to Help You Review Your Team One of the most difficult and important parts […]

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What would happen to your Upper Cervical Practice if you were injured?

The Vulnerability of Your Upper Cervical Practice Table of Contents The Vulnerability of Your Upper Cervical PracticeSteps You Can Take to Make Your Practice More SecureCollecting between $20,000 and $35,000 per month#1 Develop Solid Systems#2 Improve RetentionFuture Pacing:#3 More New Patients Have you ever thought about how vulnerable your Upper Cervical Practice is? If you […]

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How to Stop the Latest Google Changes from Killing Your Website

Google recently launched a major core update that is dramatically impacting health and wellness related websites. The end result? Decreased site traffic, weaker search rankings, and consequently a decline in new patient visits for doctors. We want your upper cervical practice to be one that not only bounces back quickly but helps you rise above […]

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UCP Master Academy: The Next Step in Becoming an Upper Cervical Practice Master

Hopefully, you have already purchased Upper Cervical Practice Mastery: Learn Success Secrets of the World’s Top Upper Cervical Doctors and have begun implementing the powerful principles and procedures outlined in the book. If you have not already purchased it go to this special page to get a bunch of launch bonuses along with the book. […]

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Are You Your Own Worst Enemy When It Comes to Your UC Practice Growth?

UC Practice Growth Do you want to help more people in your community? Are your mindset and actions consistent with that desire? Please stop and really think through the answers to these questions. So frequently the things that we say we want are not consistent with how we think and act. This is very true […]

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