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Get Strategic Results with the 2020 Chiropractic Marketing Plan Calendar

Who wants to have 2020 be even better than last year? Well, what needs to take place to make that happen? Maybe it's time to get strategic and plan some solid events for you and your team to help reach more sick and suffering people. And don't worry, we're here to help! For starters, plan […]

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Develop a Chiropractic Marketing Plan To Make 2019 Your BEST Year

"This year will be different" you think to yourself as you sit at your computer after hours, envisioning the new year. "I'm not going to put off what I know needs to be done...it's time for some REAL growth!" You briefly reflect on the past year, specifically remembering you had intended to do a chiropractic […]

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Are You Your Own Worst Enemy When It Comes to Your UC Practice Growth?

UC Practice Growth Do you want to help more people in your community? Are your mindset and actions consistent with that desire? Please stop and really think through the answers to these questions. So frequently the things that we say we want are not consistent with how we think and act. This is very true […]

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How to Start Your Upper Cervical Practice Right and Be Profitable in Your First 90 Days

When I first started my practice in May 2008 in a brand-new city with no patients I had no idea that there was so much to learn when it came to having a successful practice. From the name of my practice, to hiring my first team member, to what I was going to put on […]

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101 Chiropractic Marketing Ideas, Tools, & Strategies to Explode Your Practice - Updated

Attracting New Patients: Still the #1 Challenge For Upper Cervical Doctors Effectively reaching sick and suffering people can be a real challenge. Your community needs to know you exist and that you can help them with a variety of health challenges.  Chiropractic marketing helps to drive your business whether it’s internal, external, face to face, […]

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UCP Master Academy: The Next Step in Becoming an Upper Cervical Practice Mastery

Hopefully, you have already purchased Upper Cervical Practice Mastery: Learn Success Secrets of the World’s Top Upper Cervical Doctors and have begun implementing the powerful principles and procedures outlined in the book. If you have not already purchased it go to this special page to get a bunch of launch bonuses along with the book. […]

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Stop Wasting Time and Start Loving Your Marketing

While setting up for yet another health talk, it was then that Dr. James realized he was missing out. Sure, his practice was going along well enough but there hadn’t been any growth in months…despite countless efforts. “If I have to do one more screening I’m going to lose it” Dr. James thought to himself. […]

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Improve Your Retention with These 5 Great Products

Patient retention is a crucial element of a successful and thriving Upper Cervical Practice. If patients are coming in one door and going out another it will be extremely difficult to grow. So if you are looking to improve your retention and increase the amount of time patients are staying in your practice than this […]

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Preview of the Upper Cervical Practice Mastery Book Coming Soon

Upper Cervical Practice Mastery Book Over the past 13 years, I have been researching business, Chiropractic Practice, and Upper Cervical Practice specifically. I decided to finally write this book because I love Upper Cervical Chiropractic and I want people all over the world to have access to this incredible type of care. But unfortunately, without […]

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Get Control of Your Marketing: Consistent New Chiropractic Patients

Get Control of Your Marketing Based on our 3 previous Upper Cervical Practice Surveys, the number one challenge Upper Cervical Doctors are facing is a lack of new patients. Here are some other startling statistics from the Upper Cervical Practice Surveys: 36% of doctors number one problem is generating enough new patients 10% of doctors […]

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Too Busy for Marketing? How to Market Your Practice and Have a Life

When you first open your practice you were likely very focused on marketing and growth. You may have been doing spinal screenings, talks, health fairs etc. But at a certain point as your practice grew and perhaps your family grew you realized that you had very little time to market your practice, see patients, run […]

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Hate Spinal Screenings? 3 Keys to Market Your Practice Without Them

Frequently, Upper Cervical Doctors will have a strong reaction to spinal screenings. They will either love them or hate them. But for every doctor that loves spinal screenings, there are probably 10 that hate them. If you’re in that situation I want you to know that you do not need to do spinal screenings to […]

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