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Effective marketing cannot exist without intelligent analytics.

As an upper cervical doctor, you can use digital marketing to promote your practice, attract new patients, and build your reputation online. You can create a website for your practice and use social media to share videos, updates, information about your services, and useful resources for your patients. You can also use email and SMS marketing to stay in touch with your patients and send them personalized, targeted messages.

Digital marketing is particularly effective because it allows you to target specific audiences and measure the success of your campaigns in real-time. You can use analytics tools to track the number of website visitors, social media followers, and email subscribers you have, as well as the actions they take on your website or social media accounts. This information is vital to help you understand what works and what doesn’t, so you can continually improve your marketing efforts.

Our digital advertising solutions are a powerful, results-oriented cost-effective way to grow your practice and reach a wider audience. By leveraging the latest technologies including AI, automations, and data-driven insights, we create targeted campaigns that attract new patients, drive results and help you succeed in today’s competitive healthcare landscape.

Most importantly, we design and implement a unique marketing strategy for YOUR practice. This is exactly what we do, day in and day out for practices all over North America.

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Attract Your Ideal Patients

We create custom Practice Growth Plans and implement proven digital marketing strategies and tactics that are tailored to your specific audience and goals.

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Fill Your New Patient Schedules

End-to-end program delivering reliable ROI for private practice owners since 2013. Trust the team that has already been to chiropractic school and scaled over 200 practices.

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Automate Your Growth

Gain a competitive advantage with UCM's systems, software and Practice Growth tools. We provide solutions tailored to the specific needs of your business.

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UCM Has Been Featured In

  • They help us not only bring new patients in, which are qualified leads, it’s not just some low-hanging fruit… these ads are for qualified leads, for condition-specific leads. They bring you those types of people that are going to be great quality patients, and that is priceless in today’s era!

    Dr. Rick Means II

    Corrective Spinal Care of Florida

  • Before I started with them, I wasn’t seeing many new patients in the office... I started using Upper Cervical Marketing, and that completely changed. Over the past few months, we’ve seen at least a three times increase in new patient visits and converting those new patients to lifelong care.

    Dr. Brandon Brock

    Ascension Chiropractic

  • It's like having another employee without having to pay for another employee type of price. It's very worth it!

    Dr. Jennifer Taylor

    Healthworks: A Family Wellness Center

  • We've seen great results with their system, tremendous increase in the volume of new patients, and also the quality of new patients where they often come in with a baseline level of education which is really nice to start with.

    Dr. Brandon Hard

    Liberty Upper Cervical Chiropractic

Unlock new growth potential for your practice

Digital marketing is proving to be the key to unlocking new patient growth potential for upper cervical practices. By reaching and engaging with potential patients online, you expand your reach and attract more patients to your practice. With our expert digital marketing services, we’ll create a tailored strategy using a powerful combination of SEO, social media, targeted advertising, and more – all designed to increase your visibility and fill your schedule with new patients. Don’t get left behind in today’s digital world, let us help you achieve your practice growth goals.

They were surprised...

Time and time again we hear of the surprise from doctors who see how quickly and effectively a proper digital marketing strategy can work for their practice. But when you combine the right market, message and mediums… magic can happen. If you are a reputable, growth-oriented, doctor – reach out. We provide exclusive digital marketing solutions for upper cervical chiropractic clinics.

We work exclusively with upper cervical practices.
Worked with 200+ practices all around the world
Top practices generate over 10:1 ROI from our programs
Get As Many Patients As You Can Handle
video marketing for chiropractors

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Elevate your practice marketing with a powerful combination of digital advertising, practice-growth consulting/ coaching, search engine optimization or other services depending on what’s the best fit for YOUR practice — customized for you by UCM’s team of experts.

We Help You Get Your Schedule Jam-Packed with Your Ideal Patients. STOP  Messing Around With ‘Other Marketing Agencies’ who don’t understand Upper Cervical.  See What UCM Can Do For You...

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