Practice Growth
Stage 2 - Misaligned Doc

$20,000 per month to 1st associate (approximately 35K)

How Does a Misaligned Doc Move to the Next Practice Growth Stage?

In the Misaligned Doc stage, you are constantly picking up the slack of others, filling in the gaps, and reacting to crises—you’re a firefighter in training. And the underlying problem is that you can’t get your team on the same page and working in the same direction.

As a solo doctor practice your practice is vulnerable to disability, death, and even a vacation or maternity leave. Just as misalignments in the body create instability a practice in this stage is unstable.

To level up your practice and keep growing, you’ve got to learn how to align your team, give them purpose, and clarify their roles. This stage involves identifying practice misalignments and correcting them, adding additional team members and ends when you hire your 1st associate.

To go from this stage to the next stage requires building upon your foundation with teambuilding and system development. 

It's all about focusing on the right things to grow at this phase.

Skills You Need to Level Up:

  •       Mission
    Define your “why” so you can build a purpose-driven practice.
  •       Vision
    Cast a vision worth reaching to give your team purpose.
  •       Core Values
    Clarify the values that determine how you and your team work together.
  •       Role Clarity
    Break up with chaos by clearly defining roles and responsibilities with KRA’s & KPI’s.
  •       Communication
    Get used to repeating yourself, and we promise it will change your team for the better. The more you communicate your mission, vision, and values the more your team can align behind it and continue to grow.

In this strategy session, we will begin to assess your mission, vision, values, KRAs/KPIs, team building, systems for new patients, retention, and referrals to determine what to prioritize to help you grow to 35k/mo and beyond!

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