Practice Growth
Stage 5 - Scaling Master

1 location to 2 locations (135k)

Start Growing to the Next Practice Growth Stage in this Session 

Your original upper cervical practice location is really humming and it’s time to start scaling. It’s time to open a second location to maximize your influence, impact, and income.

It's all about focusing on the right things to grow at this phase to expand or grow to add a 2nd location.

Skills You Need to Level Up:

  •       Mission, Vision and Core Values
    Recommit to your mission and values and inspire your team to expand the vision. Opening a second location is like opening a new business so it’s important to double down on your culture and focus in on making the second location part of the culture and not its own culture.
  •       Leadership Development
    Make sure your leadership team is still aligned and focused on growing the practice and making a larger impact on the community.
  •       Branding and Marketing - Ensure that your branding and marketing strategy positions you as the unique upper cervical specialists that you are. Develop a three year marketing plan for the new location.

In this strategy session, we will begin to assess your mission, vision, values, leader development, KRAs/KPIs, team building, associate recruiting, systems for new patients, retention, and referrals to determine what to prioritize to help you grow to 135k/mo and beyond!

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