Practice Growth Stage 7 - Legacy Doc 

Transition Out of Practice to retire, sell, relocate, go into a different business, etc

Start Transitioning Well to Your Next Life Stage in this Session

Whether you’re ready to sell your practice, pass it on to your kids, or retire, your work isn’t done yet. In this stage of business, your focus should be all on transferring ownership and setting up your succession plan so you can leave the upper cervical practice in great hands.

It's all about focusing on the right things at this phase to finish well.

Skills You Need to Level Up:

  •       Planning for the Future
    Ensure you’re working with the right people and have a plan in place to transfer all aspects of your business to new owners, including leadership, financial, legal, reputation and brand.

In this strategy session, we will begin to assess your mission, vision, values, KRAs/KPIs, team building, associate recruiting and development, systems for new patients, retention, and referrals, to determine what to prioritize to help you transition well!

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