The Upper Cervical Marketing Podcast

Join Dr. Bill Davis as he interviews a variety of leaders in the upper cervical community about practical and relevant topics facing the UC doctor. Click on any of the below links to listen in to start receiving expert insights and advice!

UCM 097: How Passion and Systems Help Dr. Ed Gigliotti See over 400 Patient Visits per Week

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UCM 096: Transitioning to Upper Cervical and Getting Even Better Results with Dr. Devin Young

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UCM 095: Growing 2 Practices to Capacity and Needing More Help with Dr. Miguel Flores

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UCM 094: From 0 to 395 Patient Visits per Week in Less Than a Year with Dr. Kyle Konas

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UCM 093: Simplifying Your Communication to Succeed with Patients, Staff, and Associates With Dr. Jason Granger

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UCM 092: An Unwavering Commitment to the Big Picture with Dr. Rachae Bell

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Dr. Tyler Evans and Dr. Mychal BeebeDr. Tyler Evans and Dr. Mychal Beebe on the UCM Podcast

UCM 091: Embracing the Journey to Keep Going and Growing with Dr. Tyler Evans and Dr. Mychal Beebe

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Dr. Eddie Weller on the Upper Cervical Marketing Podcast

UCM 090: Clearly Communicating Upper Cervical Care to Others through the 33 Principles with Dr. Eddie Weller

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How to use events to grow

UCM 089: How to Use Enrollment and Enrichment Events to Grow Exponentially with Dr. Lucas and Amy Watterson

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Dr. Larry Arbeitman on the Upper Cervical Marketing Podcast

UCM 088: How to Build a HUGE Maintenance Practice with Dr. Larry Arbeitman

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