Upper Cervical Website Support Maintenance

Upper Cervical Website Service and Security Plan $29 per month MTM

Once your website is properly set up, the next step is making sure that your website is supported and maintained in order to keep it running at its highest level. A website that is not regularly supported and maintained is not protected from hacking and attacks. Keeping your site updated will help your site to maintain the highest level of security (along with keeping a strong your username and password for your administrative panel). You also want to keep your site updated with the most relevant information for your existing and potential patients.

Here’s a list of items that we regularly update for you:
- Backup Your Site on a Daily Basis
- Store Backups in Case Site Ever Goes down
- If Site Goes down We Will Restore It for You
- Monitor Google Webmaster Tools for Search Engine Error Messages
- Update WordPress to the Latest Versions
- Update All Plug-Ins to the Latest Versions
- Update Menus As Needed
- Update Paperwork As Needed
- Update Contact Forms, Call to Action Buttons, Internal Links As Needed
- Update Site with Your Latest Pictures and Office Information As You Provide Them
- Ensure Sitemap Is Regularly Submitted to Search Engines

*Web design changes such as changes to theme, layout, CSS, redesign of entire pages, creation of new pages are not included in the upper cervical website service plan. These type of website design changes would require one of our website designers to make them. Website design changes are billed at $50 per hour.
You can be billed up to $29.00 USD
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