Blogs, Newsletters and Social Media

If you are happy with your website, and you’re just looking to connect with your existing patients and reach prospective new patients then the blog, newsletter and social media programs are right for you. If you are not happy with your current website and would like to make a change, then please check out our upper cervical website programs.

55% More Visitors to your Website

Upper cervical specific newsletters, blogs and social media marketing is a fantastic way to connect with prospective new patients and existing patients. Businesses that blog produce 55% more website visitors than those that don’t according to hub spot. And blogs and newsletters also are great way to build trust and credibility. Which is crucial in Internet marketing. If you decide to retain our services, our job will be to work with you to get more of the new patients that you want to see. You can focus your Upper cervical specific newsletters and blogs in any area you would like and we will customize the blogs and newsletters in order to present you as the expert in that particular area.

Focused on Your Target Market

Our Upper Cervical Specific blogs range from 300 to 600 words and are categorized, tagged, Geo-targeted for your area and have all SEO titling, descriptions and keywords to make sure the blogs show up in search engines. Our Upper Cervical Specific email newsletters are visually stunning with graphics and images. Each newsletter will keep your existing patients engaged with relevant articles, office news, testimonials, promotions and specials Our social media posts are designed to engage with your fans and followers by posting an eye-catching image along with a link to your most recent blog post. Keeping your practice’s Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus Pages up-to-date. We also will search engine optimize all YouTube videos that you post to your YouTube channel. Here are some examples of our Upper Cervical Specific Content: or

Plans & Pricing

Blogs, newsletters and social media

$349 per month

Most popular

Blog marketing 2 Blog Posts per Week
Email newsletter Every month
Facebook Twice weekly post
Twitter Twice weekly post
Google plus Twice weekly post
YouTube We search engine optimize your videos

Blogs, newsletters, and social media

$249 per month

Basic Program

Blog marketing One Blog Post per week
Email newsletter Every month
Facebook Weekly post
Twitter Weekly post
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