Upper Cervical Marketing understands the pain of losing valuable time and money… and what it can be like to hate your marketing. That’s why we specialize exclusively in upper cervical care and chiropractic online marketing.
Over 5 years experience
Served over 200 Upper Cervical Doctors
Working in 4 different countries (including over 30 U.S. states)
Helped UC docs to connect with over 20,000 new patients
Designed over 100 upper cervical websites
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The UCM Commitment

You will “love your marketing” as we provide
Trustworthiness and dependability
Excellence in our work and efforts
Personal service every step of the way
Continual innovation to get the best results
Excellence in our work and efforts
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Strengthen Online Presence

Do people even know that you exist? Let’s face it, if people can’t find you online it’s costing you. In this day and age there is no excuse for not having an engaging, well though out, and attractive upper cervical website. So what’s stopping you? We have a ton of experience designing custom, upper cervical websites as well using search engine optimization to have your site and content show up when people are searching online for help.
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Attract Qualified New Patients

Do you have systems that consistently attract qualified new patients? Attract Qualified New Patients? Every practice has a need to bring in quality new patients…consistently. Helping people is what got you started in UC care and continuing to find those people in need is what will keep you going. We have strategies and systems to help you find specific types of people in your area that want your help.
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Increase Reviews

Does your online reputation reflect who you really are? You get great results for your patients, you’re changing lives and changing families, but what are you doing to capture and share these stories? Social proof is amazingly powerful in today’s world as more than 90% of people read online reviews before visiting a doctor! If your online presence has very few reviews and nothing in the past month, you’re considered irrelevant by those searching online…and they’ll pass you up for someone else.
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Improve Retention

What are you doing to improve retention? Lots of UC docs have good retention (of course, because it works!). But, learning to build on this and even improve your retention will net you even greater rewards. We have automated strategies that will free up your time while also help to improve your retention and PVA.
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