Explore these Practice Growth Tools which are designed to help your practice grow.

Tip of the Week

Get the latest and greatest upper cervical marketing tips delivered to your inbox every week. Use this FREE tool, to keep up to date on what’s working now for internal and external marketing.
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Vision Traction Organizer (VTO)

Transform your practice vision into actionable steps with this Vision Traction Organizer (VTO).

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Food/Toy/Backpack Drive Checklist

Spread Healing, Smiles, and Kindness in Your Community with this Food/Toy/Backpack Drive Checklist.

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New Patient Phone Call Checklist

Make a great first impression and ensure that your new patients have a positive experience.

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6 questions every potential patients needs answered

Progress Exam Toolkit

Provide even better patient care and reach more people in your community with this Progress Exam Toolkit.

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Job Scorecard

Maximize your team's potential with the Job Scorecard template

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PAD Checklist

Connect with new and existing patients on your next Patient Appreciation Day (PAD) event.

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Core Values Brainstorm

Determine the core values for your upper cervical practice to help you excel.

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Quarterly Contests

Pump up your referrals, testimonials, and reviews through quarterly contests

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Stop Doing List Exercise

Sometimes life can get hectic…including your practice. Be sure to identify the RIGHT things to Do, Delegate, and Outsource so you can focus on what you do BEST.
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life score assessment

LifeScore Assessment

Get the clarity you need to create the life you want. Learn how you’re doing in the various areas of life and use your score to make improvements. Healthy doctors have healthy practices!

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Performance Review Resource Kit

Giving your team specific and targeted feedback helps to build stronger teammates. This kit has tools to help you evaluate team member performance and get their feedback.
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Hiring Resource Kit

Few things can be as costly as hiring the wrong person. The Hiring Resource Kit will give you tools to help assess and hire the IDEAL team player.
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Meeting Resource Kit

Don’t struggle to find effective ways to run your meetings. This kit has helpful tools and agendas so you can plan for success!
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Marketing Calculator and Budget

How much should you be spending on marketing each month? With this FREE tool, learn how much your practice should be spending on marketing whether you’re brand new in practice or a 30-year veteran.
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21 Keys to Build a Successful Chiropractic Practice

  • We'll cut through the nonsense and show you exactly what you need to do this year to succeed.
  • We will show you what works and what doesn’t so you can stop wasting time and start attracting new patients consistently.
  • Apply one or all of these keys to breakthrough to the next level in your practice!
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