Success Stories

Dr. Patrick Lin

Symmetry Health Chiropractic Center
Cedar Park Texas, NV

"Started with UCM in 2016, and after seven years, we more than doubled our practice!"

BEFORE: Before partnering with UCM Practice Growth Systems, Dr. Lin's practice generated slightly over 500k annually with only two adjusting rooms and had three doctors working in an 835 sq ft office.

AFTER: Since adopting UCM Systems, Dr. Lin has successfully doubled his practice's growth. He has now surpassed the million-dollar mark and expanded into a 1600 sq ft office with five adjusting rooms and a team of four doctors providing dedicated care to his community.


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Dr. Rick Means II

Corrective Spinal Care of Florida
Cape Coral and Fort Myers, Florida

“They help us not only bring new patients in, which are qualified leads, it’s not just some low-hanging fruit… these ads are for qualified leads, for condition-specific leads. They bring you those types of people that are going to be great quality patients, and that is priceless in today’s era!”

BEFORE: He did not have a system to consistently attract new patients from Facebook, Google, Instagram, or Tiktok to promote his Upper Cervical Practice.

AFTER: With UCM, he now gets an average of 50 new patients a month in each of his offices located in Cape Coral and Fort Myers.

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Dr. Brandon Brock

Ascension Chiropractic
Southgate, Michigan

"Before I started with them, I wasn’t seeing many new patients in the office... I started using UCM, and that completely changed. Over the past few months, we’ve seen at least a three times increase in new patient visits and converting those new patients to lifelong care."

BEFORE: Despite spending a lot of time, money, and effort, their practice only gets about 1-2 new patients a month.

AFTER: The UCM system helped increase their new patient visits significantly and convert them to lifelong care.


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Dr. Brandon Hard

Liberty Upper Cervical Chiropractic
Newnan, Atlanta, Georgia

"We've seen great results with their system, tremendous increase in the volume of new patients, and also the quality of new patients where they often come in with a baseline level of education which is really nice to start with."

BEFORE: New patients who come in are unfamiliar with the discipline of Upper Cervical Care

AFTER: The UCM system has been a big win for Dr. Hard and his team. There has been a significant increase in the quantity and quality of new patients, many of whom come in with a baseline understanding of Upper Cervical Care.

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Dr. Ian Bulow

Revive Upper Cervical Chiropractic
Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania

"Our website was not tightly bound together, and we had zero social media advertising going. They really helped get our act together, making everything look professional and nice… I really recommend them to anybody who does not have the time, money, passion, or skills to manage all things online marketing because it's a big deal, and if you're not gonna do it, you need someone who is gonna do it for you."

BEFORE: Website lacked cohesiveness and was not well-integrated, and had zero social media advertising going.

AFTER: UCM helped Dr. Bulow beef up their online and social media presence, with their website looking more professional and well-integrated. Through the streamlined and well-designed marketing system, they did not need to spend any more time and money learning the intricacies of online marketing, knowing that their online presence is in the hands of trusted experts.


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Dr. Vivek Soham

Nimbus Brain & Spine
San Diego, California

"I want to highlight how much effort the team made to get us up and running as soon as possible, from videos, to blogs, ads, and Facebook. I can’t say thank you enough…"

BEFORE: Struggling with marketing for many years, trying to find the right message and dealing with people who didn't understand his work and the Upper Cervical practice.

AFTER: The UCM team worked closely with Dr. Soham, along with the streamlined process of the marketing system for their online presence for their office. His online presence now makes it easier to reach out to the right people, get his message across, and attract more patients.

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Dr. Kyle Troyer

Upper Cervical Health Centers
Cedar Falls, Iowa

"We are looking forward to serving lots of people in our community, and I know UCM is gonna help us get there."

BEFORE: Struggled to navigate with technology which hindered positive results.

AFTER: The simple and streamlined onboarding process provided with the updated UCM system makes it easier for Dr. Troyer and his team to provide the necessary materials to reach their community better, talk to a wider audience, and grow their practice.

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Dr. David Claggett

Genesis Chiropractic
Pataskala, Ohio

"We've seen our traffic (patients) grow so much that we are now hiring our first receptionist to greet patients."

BEFORE: Not many patients to handle, so there was no need to hire a staff member.

AFTER: Prospective patients can easily find them online through their professionally designed website built by the UCM web team. The website is easy to navigate and helps convert visitors to new patients.

Dr. Claggett’s website traffic grew incrementally, requiring them to hire a receptionist, an extra hand, to help manage all their patients. The UCM Practice Growth system helps his practice grow, get more patients, and increase revenue. All these happened in less than a year of working with UCM.

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Dr. Jennifer Taylor

Healthworks: A Family Wellness Center
Plano, Texas

"It's like having another employee without having to pay for another employee type of price. It's very worth it!"

BEFORE: Non-tech savvy, which makes it challenging to navigate social media to promote their practice.

AFTER: UCM Practice Growth Systems makes it simple and easy for Dr. Taylor and her staff to navigate and get their message out to the world via social media without having to learn the nitty-gritty part of the process. Through this, they get patients from Tiktok and Facebook without going through it themselves.

With UCM, Dr. Taylor now has a practice growth experts on her team. So she no longer has to spend time learning about the ever-evolving social media landscape yet still gets desirable results for the practice while focusing on caring for her patients.

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Dr. R.T and Amy Holliday

Upper Cervical Health and Restoration - Seneca
Seneca, SC

“It’s truly a no-brainer since everyone goes to the internet’s almost like pushing a button and the results just happen. It’s been nothing but great stuff...couldn’t be more pleased. We are reaching our goals!”

BEFORE: Poor to non-existent website and online presence. Stuck in their marketing and hated doing screenings. Stagnant practice growth. Skeptical about online marketing and doubtful that it would work in their area

AFTER: Averaging 10 new patients/mo and have almost doubled their practice! Looking great online with massive online traffic and viral blogs. Continuing to have the support they need to get consistent results even after years into their program!

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Dr. Philip Schalow

Upper Cervical Care Center - Rockford
Rockford, IL

"Our website is getting a lot of exposure and we're getting way more new patients from the internet. We're breaking all kinds of records."


BEFORE: Had tried lots of other strategies to get new patients, but was unsuccessful. Thought the internet wasn't a good way to find new patients. Was getting just 1 new patient per quarter from the internet.

AFTER: Has a system that is reaching out and consistently bringing in qualified, new patients. The online branding, content marketing, education, and reputation building is also improving his patient referral conversion.

Dr. Schalow is seeing steady growth of 10-15 new patients per month from his comprehensive marketing system, along with an increase in referral conversion. Digital marketing works!

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Dr. Mercedes Cook

Upper Cervical Chiropractic of San Diego
San Diego, CA

“Very little effort from me… Even during a pandemic, I am having record months... Lots of new patients every month coming through my door!”

BEFORE: Brand-new practice owner had to close her doors within a month of owning her new practice due to the pandemic.

AFTER: Six months later set a record for new patients and collections for the history of the clinic. The clinic is dominating online in a competitive market with great rankings for upper cervical and condition-specific keywords.

Dr. Cook is consistently seeing 10-15 new patients per month from her digital marketing strategies deployed through our Upper Cervical Marketing System!

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Dr. Ray Rickards

Rickards Precision Chiropractic & Wellness
Escondido, CA

“I am thrilled…it has been great for me. I was kind of a noobie about it at first and skeptical. So happy I joined them!”

BEFORE: Frustrated because new patient flow had plateaued, and the practice wasn’t growing. Poor online presence and not effectively reaching sick and suffering people with relevant content.

AFTER: Established online, good rankings for key upper cervical practice terms, and looking great overall. Now the office is dominating online with great rankings and content so people can find them and get the help they need.

Dr. Rickard is consistently seeing 7-10 new patients per month from his online presence marketing and it has sparked new passion within the practice!

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Dr. Chris Perkins

Premier Family Wellness and Spinal Care
Farmington Hills, MI

“I wanted more personal time with my family and stability with finances…now I have a decrease in stress… I’m having fun again.”

BEFORE: Felt chained to his practice, no freedom, losing nights and weekends, not enough family time, and had inconsistency in new patients.

AFTER: Has freedom in his practice, nights and weekends back, time for family, consistent new patients, more quality patients that are staying in care, and a growing practice.

Dr. Perkins is consistently seeing 10-15 new patients per month from his marketing and is setting collection records!

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Dr. Kristen McClure

Ricks McClure Chiropractic
Charlevoix, MI

“It’s relieved a lot of stress off of me”

BEFORE:  Frustrated, stressed, and discouraged by the lack of online presence and the stagnant number of new patients coming in to the office.

AFTER: Rekindled passion, encouraged, no more stress about her online presence and relieved to be steadily attracting new patients each month!

Dr. McClure tripled her new patients in just two months of online marketing!

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Dr. Casey Weerheim

Upper Cervical Sioux Falls
Sioux Falls, SD

“I don’t look for new patients anymore (no more screenings)”

BEFORE:  Lost time and wasted effort with marketing, didn’t like doing screenings, only getting minimal new patients each month, and bogged down with marketing and trying to grow the practice.

AFTER: Time is freed up with a more hand’s-off marketing system, doesn’t have to do screenings, consistently attracts qualified new patients, and has a growing practice.

Dr. Weerheim is now consistently seeing 8-15 new patients per month from his marketing!

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Dr. Joe Breuwet

Upper Cervical Hawaii
Honolulu, HI

“My conversion numbers are higher, the cost of marketing is a lot lower, and I’m extremely happy.”

BEFORE:  Did not like doing screenings, weak online exposure, no time or energy to learn and do online marketing, and was ready for something innovative and relevant.

AFTER: No more screenings, great online exposure, freed up time to focus on patients, better quality of patients, improved patient conversion, and lower cost of marketing.

Dr. Breuwet is seeing 8-15 high quality, new patients per month!

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Dr. Blake Haan

Haan Family Chiropractic
Huxley, IA

“It has been truly amazing, not only the number of patients it has brought in, but the type of patients.”

BEFORE:  Exclusively a word of mouth practice, no internet presence, unsure and unconfident of how to do online marketing, but wanted to start innovating.

AFTER: Reaching new people, strong internet presence, confident and sure of marketing, freed up to take care of patients, and seeing more new patients.

Dr. Haan doubled his volume in just 3-4 months and started booking almost a month in advance!

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Dr. Miguel Flores

N8 Upper Cervical Chiropractic
Manila, Philippines

“There are just SO many other people we’ve been able to help and serve!”

BEFORE:  Limited number of people being reached, couldn’t penetrate a large market, stressed by missing time with family, and consistently losing time doing talks and dinners.

AFTER: Effectively reaching people in a large market, repeatedly breaking new patient and collection records, less stress and more time, opened a new practice, brought on more doctors, and has more influence in the community and beyond.

Dr. Flores is seeing an amazing 40-80 new patients per month from the internet alone!

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Dr. Geoff Besso

Besso Clinic of Chiropractic
Stow, OH

“The impact has been even bigger than I would have imagined for our practice and for me personally.”

BEFORE:  Practice was in a rut with a decrease in numbers of the desired types of patients, and the feel of the practice was changing as there were more and more wellness patients.

AFTER: Free from the rut, attracting specific types of patients (condition specific), able to see more challenging cases, increased referrals, and making a bigger impact in their area.

Dr. Besso continues to get 8-12 new, condition specific patients per month!

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Dr. Brett Gottlieb

Gottlieb Chiropractic
Fair Oaks, CA

“My internet presence has just grown and grown and grown!”

BEFORE:  Tired of health talks and screenings, was losing weekends and time with family, and needed a way to grow the practice without having to manage the marketing.

AFTER: Free from having to do health talks and screenings, regained weekends and family time, and has seen consistent, steady growth in his new patients per month

Dr. Gottlieb is a long-time client who has seen sustainable, consistent growth in the number of new patients he gets from his marketing system!

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Dr. Jean Paul Bohemier

Solara Health
Calgary, AB, Canada

“It’s nice when you have a new practice to have a couple week waiting list!”

BEFORE:  Overwhelmed with starting up a new practice, no time to learn and implement strategies, poor online SEO rankings, and low website traffic.

AFTER: Put at ease and in control of marketing, freed up time to see patients, positioned online as a UC specialist, massively increased web traffic, condition specific new patients, and high conversion of new patients starting care.

Dr. Bohemier was able to have a 2 week waiting list within the first month and continues to see more new patients each month!

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Dr. Kurt Sherwood

Sherwood Spinal Care
Renton, WA

“I wish that something that was specific to upper cervical was available when I first started my practice!”

BEFORE:  Frustrated with prior marketing attempts, didn’t like being viewed as a general chiropractor, and wanted to look great online and attract the right type of patient.

AFTER: Loves the marketing and online positioning, now seen as an upper cervical specialist, attracting pre-qualified new patients with specific conditions, and new patients are more likely to start care

Dr. Sherwood is a long-term client who has seen marketing innovations help position him online and continue to attract quality new patients!

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