Dr. Ray Rickards

Rickards Precision Chiropractic & Wellness
Escondido, CA

“I am thrilled…it has been great for me. I was kind of a noobie about it at first and skeptical. So happy I joined them!”

BEFORE: Frustrated because new patient flow had plateaued, and the practice wasn’t growing. Poor online presence and not effectively reaching sick and suffering people with relevant content.

AFTER: Established online, good rankings for key upper cervical practice terms, and looking great overall. Now the office is dominating online with great rankings and content so people can find them and get the help they need.

Dr. Rickard is consistently seeing 7-10 new patients per month from his online presence marketing and it has sparked new passion within the practice!

Rickards Precision Chiropractic & Wellness
Dr. Chris Perkins

Premier Family Wellness and Spinal Care
Farmington Hills, MI

“I wanted more personal time with my family and stability with finances…now I have a decrease in stress…I’m having fun again.”

BEFORE: Felt chained to his practice, no freedom, losing nights and weekends, not enough family time, and had inconsistency in new patients.

AFTER: Has freedom in his practice, nights and weekends back, time for family, consistent new patients, more quality patients that are staying in care, and a growing practice.

Dr. Perkins is consistently seeing 10-15 new patients per month from his marketing and is setting collection records!

Premier Family Wellness
Dr. Kristen McClure

Ricks McClure Chiropractic
Charlevoix, MI

“It’s relieved a lot of stress off of me”

BEFORE:  Frustrated, stressed, and discouraged by the lack of online presence and the stagnant number of new patients coming in to the office.

AFTER: Rekindled passion, encouraged, no more stress about her online presence and relieved to be steadily attracting new patients each month!

Dr. McClure tripled her new patients in just two months of online marketing!

Ricks McClure Chiropractic
Dr. Casey Weerheim

Upper Cervical Sioux Falls
Sioux Falls, SD

“I don’t look for new patients anymore (no more screenings)”

BEFORE:  Lost time and wasted effort with marketing, didn’t like doing screenings, only getting minimal new patients each month, and bogged down with marketing and trying to grow the practice.

AFTER: Time is freed