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What You're Going To Learn in this Webinar

  • How to expand and train your mind to help more people in your community
  • How to the develop the habits of highly successful doctors
  • Why starting a practice (or continuing in a practice) without a CA is such a bad idea
  • What I learned from having to hire 6 CA's in my first 6 months in practice
  • How to avoid the biggest mistakes in digital advertising so you don't waste your money on ads
  • How to build social proof, get 24 video testimonials, and 100 google reviews before the end of the year
  • How to brand yourself as the unique upper cervical specialist that you are so patients pay, stay, and refer
  • How to get health practitioners in your community to refer patients to you every month
  • How to invest time instead of money to build a social media following on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and more
  • How to develop a powerful patient education system to generate consistent referrals
  • How to train your team to be upper cervical chiropractic advocates... and much, MUCH More!
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I am going to save you tons of time and money today! In the past 10 years we've helped over 100 Upper Cervical Practices start right. Whether you are coming straight out of school or out of an associate position we understand the challenges and what you need to do to start your upper cervical practice right. We know the answers to the questions. We know what works and what doesn't.
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Schedule a New Practice Acceleration Session

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